The results are in–George Zimmerman’s jury in the murder of Trayvon Martin is whiter than white–and all female. The question is, will a mostly white jury convict George Zimmerman for the murder of 17-year-old, unarmed, Black male, Trayvon Martin? On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri share their reaction to the final jury and their commentary on the selection process.

Topics discussed include the final gender and racial makeup of the jury, whether Zimmerman will be convicted of murder, white female jurors that the prosecution struck from the jury, Black female jurors that the defense struck from the jury, Mark O’Mara as the teacher and authority on how the jury should rule, O’Mara versus de la Rionda, O’Mara all but outting a Black female juror, the role of race in this case, and more!

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    whiter than white

  • The final jury for the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case has been chosen: B-29, B-76, B-37, B-51, E-6, and E-40. The alternate jury is made of two men (one white one mixed race) and two white women. The alternate’s juror numbers are: E-54, B-72, E-13, and E-28.
  • Cheri called the mostly white female jury in yesterday’s Episode 232: Putting the Screws On The Jury.
  • Discussion about the challenges the defense made to the prosecution striking four white women.
  • Prosecution tried to get rid of E-6 multiple times. They really didn’t want her. They also tried to get rid of B-76.
  • Discussion about the reasons that the prosecution/defense give being BS, because they are really using their profiling tactics to decide who they want.
  • Discussion about the race of B-29 as a possible Black Hispanic.
  • Discussion about the mixed-race alternate juror being mixed with everything EXCEPT Black.
  • Discussion about there being only one possible Black on the jury. Some say that the race of the jury doesn’t matter, but Heit & Cheri disagree. Just look at history. We know that if Zimmerman were Black he would NEVER have had 5 of 6 Blacks on his jury.
  • Discussion about the claims that Zimmerman got a jury of his peers–white and Hispanic.
  • It’s possible that this jury could come out with a conviction, but we’re not optimistic.
  • Even if there is a conviction, this doesn’t change that he has been judged by a predominantly white jury. All of us are basically subject to being judged by all white people–no matter your race in this country. Where is the jury of Trayvon Martin’s peers, because we know that Trayvon is going to be put on trial.
  • The racist conservative site actually spoke some truth. They said that when these white women see a picture of Trayvon, they will be afraid of him.
  • Discussion about the fact that Trayvon couldn’t legally carry a concealed weapon to protect himself.
  • Both the gender and the race of the jurors matter, because they will be
  • Discussion about episode Episode 229: Retracing Trayvon’s Steps with Trent Sawyer, where Zimmerman said that Trayvon used the word “Home”–which he would never do. That word is played out.
  • Discussion about 5 of 6 jurors being mothers.
  • Discussion about potential bias’ of jurors.
  • Discussion about B-29 having children and being originally from Chicago.
  • Mark O’Mara brought up the issue of the State striking white women. He struck mostly Black women though.
  • Discussion about the defense striking B-7, white male.
  • Defense struck M-75 – BF because she is Facebook friends with witness Wes Robinson and didn’t disclose this. Also says she didn’t disclose knowing this witness and she had extensive FB conversations with.
  • Discussion about how Bernie de la Rionda doesn’t know about social media, yet he is in the position to be making decisions about social media use.
  • Discussion about how Judge Nelson brought up that there were mostly white women who were in the pool, and that this is why more of them could be struck statistically speaking.
  • Discussion about the defense striking Black female E-22 – They claim has not been straightforward on influence based on church’s activist role where she worked. Mentioned that when she was a church administrator she said she thought the police should have been more active. Concern that the pastor she works with wrote a pointed letter published in the Orlando Sentinel–very pro Trayvon and anti Zimmerman. There was a pastor’s sermon that says the same. A bunch of stuff about the Unitarian church.
  • Discussion about strike tactics of the attorneys.
  • Discussion about the black jurors being vetted more thoroughly than others.
  • Discussion about the attorneys snooping in peoples’ social media accounts.
  • Discussion about how the defense defamed witness E-22, and basically outed her identity, and she had no way to defend herself as an accused “stealth juror” aka liar.
  • The opening statements start Monday. In short, Heit & Cheri are not optimistic about the conviction of Zimmerman.
  • Discussion about Mark O’Mara’s lecture and sophisticated line of questioning as compared with Bernie de la Rionda.
  • O’Mara served as the teacher, and the jurors actually started asking him questions about how they should view things.
  • Discussion about the stark difference in demeanor between O’Mara and de la Rionda.
  • Discussion about the juror who came off sounding really stupid after contradicting O’Mara multiple times.
  • BDLR is obviously every experienced, but it seems that his approach is to appeal to the lowest common denominator juror.
  • Discussion about it being up to the jury to decide what the actual interpretation of the law is.
  • Discussion about O’Mara saying that the Castle doctrine extends to your community via Stand Your Ground–we told you before that they feel like the community is part of their castle.
  • This case has grown beyond just the people and the incident of Martin’s killing–it will send a message about whether it is okay to kill an unarmed Black teen and get away with it.
  • Be sure to check out the evidence on

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