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Remember when Mark O’Mara came forward, revealing that George Zimmerman had raised more than $200K in donations through his website BEFORE he and his wife lied about their finances during Zimmerman’s first bond hearing? Recall that Zimmerman’s bond was revoked and his wife, Shellie Zimmerman, was arrested for perjury for purposely misleading the court, claiming indigence, while having access to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Given that Zimmerman and his wife were untruthful about this, how can we trust his version of events from the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin–after racially profiling and stalking him through the neighborhood?

George Zimmerman: Judge wants more info on $200,000 raised online

SANFORD — Three parties were on hand for a hearing in the George Zimmerman case at the Seminole County courthouse.

A lawyer for several media companies, Scott Ponce, was on hand at courtroom 5d, along with Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara, and Prosecutor Bernie De La Rionda.

The hearing originally set to hear arguments that the public should be granted access to court documents, records and evidence, was overshadowed by George Zimmerman’s now bulging bank account.

George Zimmerman’s lawyer revealed new information about his client’s finances, particularly more than $200,000 raised on Zimmerman’s website.
At a brief court hearing Friday morning, Judge Kenneth Lester told defense attorney Mark O’Mara he wants more details about those online donations before making a ruling.

“Find out the genesis of the account, find how this account came to come into existence, who is in charge of the account,” said Judge Kenneth Lester on Friday.

Prosecutor Berne De La Rionda wanted Judge Lester to revisit Zimmerman’s bond after it was discovered more than $200,000 worth of donations had been given to the now defunct website,

Defense Attorney Mark O’Mara Explains How He Found Out About $200K: