It should be obvious to you by now that “operation neighborhood Black-Out” was in full effect at the Retreat at Twin Lakes community, and George Zimmerman was captain of the team. On Day 12 of the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman trial, we saw a number of prosecution witnesses take the stand. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia, Heit & Cheri provide full commentary on the second day of witnesses in the trial.

Topics discussed include first day witnesses Chad Joseph, Andrew Gaugh, Sean Noffke, Ramona Rumph, second day testimony from witnesses testimony of Wendy Dorival, Donald O’Brien, Sanford Police Sgt. Anthony Raimondo, Sanford Police Crime Scene Technician Diana Smith, eyewitness Selene Bahadoor, defense implication that DNA results are unreliable because of improper handling of evidence, Mark O’Mara’s disrespectful tone while interacting with Selene Bahadoor, the notion that “suspicious” means someone you don’t know who looks like they don’t “belong”, and more!

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    Zimmerman's gun

  • Discussion about witnesses from first day of testimony: Chad Joseph, Andrew Gaugh, Sean Noffke, and Ramona Rumph.
  • Discussion about the testimony of Wendy Dorival, the Sanford Police employee who helped Zimmerman set up the neighborhood watch. She seemed to be leading toward Zimmerman in her testimony. Her testimony in court seems to have a different tone than her original testimony.
  • You can find all of the case evidence and documents on
  • Discussion about how George Zimmerman never notified her about who was on the neighborhood watch.
  • Discussion about how Zimmerman never contacted her again after she suggested that the renters have background checks. Of course, Zimmerman wouldn’t want the community pulling his background check. This is same reason he refused to accept Dorival’s invitation to become a Citizen on Patrol.
  • Discussion about people who say Zimmerman passed a conceal and carry background check.
  • Discussion about testimony from Donald O’Brien, the homeowner’s association president. He said neighborhood watch was “Zimmerman’s program” and is doing as much as he can to distance himself from this as possible. According to him he basically let Zimmerman do whatever he wanted…
  • Discussion about how Zimmerman didn’t start the neighborhood without permission. O’Brien is trying to deflect–Zimmerman was asked asked to handle the program.
  • Discussion about people signing up for neighborhood watch and block captains. Who were these people and why don’t the police know the list of people involved in the program?
  • Donald O’Brien tells O’Mara that Sanford PD didn’t routinely patrol the community before they had a written agreement in place. He noticed no difference before and after agreement.
  • during questioning of witness Donald O’Brien O’Mara asks him to describe one alleged burglar so that he will tell the court that the man was Black. Because at least one of the burglars was Black, apparently, this means that Zimmerman had the right to racially profile Trayvon and even follow him before he murdered him…
  • Discussion about seeing uncensored photos of Trayvon after he was killed. Zimmerman had no reaction.
  • witness Wendy Dorival tells Don West that part of what makes a person “suspicious” is if they are someone you don’t know, or if you think they don’t belong. <--So basically call the police on anyone in your community you don't know. What kind of BS is this? Of course, nobody EVER knew the young Black males in the community...
  • What if you lived there and had a guest? Should you expect your guests to be harassed?
  • Discussion about a call where you hear Shellie Zimmerman in the background telling Zimmerman not to go outside to confront someone they were reporting as “suspicious.”
  • Prosecution’s 8th witness, Sanford Police Crime Scene Technician, Diana Smith has taken the stand. Diana Smith is the wife of Officer Timothy Smith, who was the first Officer.
  • Diana Smith shows the Arizona drink can, Skittles and other evidence from the crime scene.
  • Don West attempts to knock witness Diana Smith down a notch by correcting the prosecution’s reference to her as officer. She is not a police officer, but a crime scene technician.
  • Don West fixates on the fact that the diagram she did of the crime scene is not scalable for dependable measurements between evidence.
  • How do you supposedly get beat up so badly, but there was no blood ANYWHERE else in the crime scene?
  • Discussion about how Don West seems to be good at discrediting the scientific evidence.
  • Prosecution’s 9th witness, Selene Bahadoor, works as an IT analysis at a hospital. She is unmarried, but has no children. She has lived in Seminole County for nine years. She grew up in Philadelphia. She has a Bachelor’s in Health Information Management from Temple University. She was at home with sister, niece, and niece’s friend at 2841 retreat view circle when the incident occurred. She is a Black woman.
  • The defense basically discredited this witness completely by making it look like she changed her testimony.
  • The current #Trayvon #Zimmerman witness, Selene Bahadoor, was originally listed as Witness #1 in the case files. You can find her original statements here:
  • When Selene Bahadoor was under cross examination from O’Mara, who used a nasty tone with her. He took issue with her statement about the directions of the sounds she heard the night of the incident.
  • The fact that she was slaughtered by the defense mean that she was dishonest? Could you remember the details more than a year later?
  • Would you have agreed to be a witness in this case?
  • The way Mark O’Mara spoke to this woman was disgraceful.

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