As the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman trial continues to unfold, we see quite clearly that George Zimmerman is the author of lies, with his defense attorney Mark O’Mara serving as editor-in-chief. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri run down the list of Zimmerman lies exposed on Day 17 of the trial.

Topics discussed include testimony from Det. Chris Serino, Mark Osterman, Dr. Valerie Rao, Kristin Benson, Zimmerman’s Sean Hannity interview on Fox News, the State’s response to Don West’s ice cream photo, people criticizing witness Rachel Jeantel, meaningless Angela Corey indictment, an Obamacare update, and more!

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    authors of lies

  • Discussion about Mark Osterman’s testimony in the case.
  • Discussion about the prosecution trying to have Zimmerman’s school records admitted into the case. Of course, the defense is fighting it. They threaten that if Zimmerman’s school records are admitted, so should Trayvon’s.
  • Discussion about Zimmerman’s “It’s THE gun” statement that he got from Mark Osterman.
  • Zimmerman wanted so badly to be like Osterman–an Air Marshall.
  • The pundits are not listening to the full trial coverage and they are making predictions based on sound bites.
  • Discussion about Zimmerman and O’Mara as authors of lies.
  • Discussion about people saying, “But following someone isn’t illegal…” or “But, carrying a gun isn’t illegal…”
  • Discussion about the statement Serino made that he believed Zimmerman, assuming that Zimmerman isn’t a pathological liar.
  • Discussion about Day 17 testimony from Chris Serino, Dr. Valerie Rao, and Kristin Benson.
  • Discussion about Serino probably knowing Zimmerman is guilty, but he just cannot prove it.
  • Prosecution’s 27th witness, Dr. Valerie Rao is District 4 Chief Medical Examiner.

    She says Zimmerman’s injuries are NOT CONSISTENT with having his head slammed against concrete multiple times. She talks about the minor nature of these injuries, the fact that he didn’t lose consciousness, the wounds didn’t require stitches, and that they only required a band-aid as supporting evidence for her findings.

  • Rao pushed back against O’Mara and corrected his assumptions multiple times.
  • Discussion about Judge Nelson seeming perpetually annoyed.
  • Discussion about people claiming that discussing existing race issues is perpetuating race issues. What?!? If it is ignored, nothing will change.
  • Discussion about non-Blacks who never experienced racial profiling.
  • #Zimmerman O’Mara insinuated that a slimjim (which wasn’t even a slimjim) found the bushes behind Manalo’s house DAYS after the shooting was ‎#Trayvon’s. The defense has always been on a crusade to paint Trayvon Martin as a criminal.

    YET Travyon’s fingerprints weren’t in any criminal database, like Zimmerman’s.

    TRAYVON never assaulted a cop, like Zimmerman did.

    TRAYVON never murdered anyone, like Zimmerman did.

    Trayvon NEVER did ANY of the things that Zimmerman has done, YET we are supposed to believe that TRAYVON was a person cut from the repugnant and immoral fiber that Zimmerman is obviously made.

  • Discussion about the prosecution not doing enough.
  • Discussion about the motion for protective order/inquiry the State filed regarding Don’West’s ice cream photo.
  • Discussion about criticism of Rachel Jeantel.
  • Discussion about the meaningless Angela Corey indictment.
  • Quick update on Obamacare.

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