For those who have been watching and paying attention, it should be obvious that George Zimmerman has been a student of criminal intent for quite some time. The Day 18 (7/3/2013) testimony in the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin case continues to corroborate the suspicion that Zimmerman premeditated plan to evade murder charges via his knowledge of the law. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri continue to connect the dots between the evidence and what happened the night George Zimmerman Killed Trayvon Martin.

Topics discussed include coverage of the Day 18 (7/3/2013) of the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case, arguments on Zimmerman’s school records, testimony from Sonja Boles-Melvin, Lt. Scott Kearns, Capt. Alexis Carter, Jim Krzenski, Scott Pleasants, Amy Siewert, Anthony Gorgone, DNA evidence proving Zimmerman lied, Firearms evidence proving Zimmerman lied, Zimmerman’s teachers proving Zimmerman lied about knowing of “Stand Your Ground”, and more!

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    zimmerman laughing in court during alexis carter testimony 7-3-2013

  • Discussion about the testimony from 7/3/2013, Day 18 of the Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman case. Includes testimony from (links to individual videos and case files):

    – Sonja Boles-Melvin =>
    – Lt. Scott Kearns =>
    – Capt. Alexis Carter =>
    – Jim Krzenski =>
    – Scott Pleasants =>
    – Amy Siewert =>
    – Anthony Gorgone =>

    Check this link for FULL coverage of the Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman trial, including a list of all witnesses and associated videos. =>

  • Prosecution’s 29th witness, Sonja Boles-Melvin, is the Registrar for Seminole State College of Florida. She verified that Zimmerman was enrolled and filed to receive a degree.
  • Prosecution’s 30th witness, Lt. Scott Kearns us the records custodian for the Prince Williams County Virginia Police. He testified in reference to Zimmerman’s denied application to become a police officer due to “credit”.
  • Discussion about morning arguments on whether Zimmerman’s school records and testimony from his teacher would be allowed in court.
  • Prosecution’s 31st witness, Captain Alexis Carter of the military JAG Corps taught a Criminal Litigation course at Seminole State College. He Was Zimmerman’s teacher in the course. He remembers Zimmerman as “one of the better students”.

  • Defense tried to insinuate that because this is the first class Capt. Alexis Carter taught that his testimony was somehow now credible.
  • Zimmerman clearly tried to craft his story of the events the night he killed Trayvon around the law. Heit & Cheri think that he pre-meditated the killing.
  • Discussion about Alexis Carter giving a “shout out” to George. It wasn’t what the media made it out to be. Alexis Carter was merely playing himself up in front of the peacock.
  • Discussion about Zimmerman laughing in court (seen in pic above). How is this appropriate during a murder trial?
  • Prosecution’s 32nd witness, Sanford Police Officer Jim Krzenski testified about Zimmerman’s application for a ride-a-long (which he did take) with the Sanford Police.
  • Prosecution’s 33rd witness, Professor Gordon Pleasants is a professor at Seminole State College. He taught George Zimmerman in an online course, Criminal Investigations.
  • Discussion about the attorneys getting Skype call bombed during Gordon Pleasants’ testimony.
  • Discussion about Judge Nelson snapping on the defense and denying their request to recess on Friday July 5th. Zimmerman defense wanted to recess on Friday, claiming that they haven’t had time to take the depositions for Crump and others.

    The State will likely rest today, and the Defense is supposed to begin their case on Friday. Defense that they need more time, but Judge Nelson said it is unreasonable to ask a sequestered jury to sit for four days over the holiday because the Defense doesn’t have their stuff together.

    Judge Nelson said, “I’m not doing that… end of discussion.” She tells attorney West to “Please have a seat.” Watch for yourself in the first few minutes of this video:

  • Prosecution’s 34th witness, Amy Siewert is a FDLE Crime Lab Firearms Analyst. She examined Zimmerman’s gun (which was functional) and holster. She is considered a firearms expert by the court.

    She testifies that the magazine was fully loaded plus one in a chamber at the time the gun was fired. She also explains the safety features of the gun, which prevent accidental firing.

  • The story clearly did not happen the way Zimmerman said.
  • Zimmerman attorney O-Mara makes the point that police officers carry their guns ready to shoot. <-- Your client was NOT a police officer, regardless of his fantasy! That's the problem--Zimmerman was acting in the role of a police officer without the authority. It's bad enough that the police shoot and kill folks when they get ready, but for an unstable, self-appointed, UN-credentialed, envious of his Air Marshall best friend, dude walking the neighborhood with a loaded gun to act as if this is appropriate is ridiculous. ZIMMERMAN IS NOT A COP!!!!
  • Discussion about the defense implying that Zimmerman was right in patrolling the neighborhood. They will never admit that Zimmerman could have easily acted differently and Trayvon would be alive today.
  • Prosecution’s 34th witness, Anthony Gorgone is an Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Crime Lab DNA Analyst. He tested the samples submitted from this case.
  • We have Trayvon’s blood on Zimmerman’s clothing. If you look at the hooded sweated shirt, is there blood all over the outside? No. but, on the sweatshirt on the inside there is blood. How did this happen? Zimmerman was trying to search him like a cop after he shot him.
  • Zimmerman’s DNA is not on Trayvon’s hands nor on the sleeves of the hoodie or sweatshirt. He supposedly beat up Zimmerman, but no DNA is there. he was that bloody, but no DNA?
  • Don West Statement Hypocrisy

  • Discussion about the defense’s response to the State’s motion for protection related to defense attorney Don West’s ice cream photo.

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