Testimony on Day 20 of the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman trial consisted of a bunch of Defense witnesses taking the stand to claim that George Zimmerman is the one screaming on the 9-1-1 call. Unfortunately, most of these witnesses lost credibility immediately when it was revealed that they gave money and other support to Zimmerman. When you listen to the bloody murderer Zimmerman perform test screams (see voice exemplars), it is more than OBVIOUS that he’s not the one screaming on that call. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri discuss Day 20 of the trial and the quest to get to the bottom of who was screaming.

Topics discussed include testimony from Sondra Osterman, Mark Osterman, Geri Russo, Leanne Benjamin, John Donnelly, Doris Singleton, Chris Serino, Adam Pollack, Tracy Martin, Bill Lee, and more!

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    john donnelly 7-8-2013

  • Discussion about Day 20 of the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman trial.
  • Discussion about the mainstream coverage of the case being geared toward reality TV entertainment.
  • Yesterday, there was a whole lot of lying, talking about the screams from George Zimmerman.
  • Discussion about Singleton and Serino bolstering the Defense claim that Tracy Martin didn’t recognize the 9-1-1 call screaming as Trayvon.
  • Tracy Martin also testified.
  • Discussion about Mark Osterman posing as a weapons expert, with no objections from the State.
  • John Donnelly donated $4,700 to Zimmerman. Discussion about him being a Vietnam vet who can discern how someone will scream just by knowing their talking voice. He is certain that the voice screaming on the call is Zimmerman.
  • Discussion about Zimmerman’s MMA classes and the testimony from the guy who owns the gym where he trained.
  • Discussion about the people who donated to and support Zimmerman is doing this because they support what he did–kill a young Black male.
  • Discussion about people hiding their racism behind a law or the notion of self defense.
  • We believe people should defend themselves, but that is not what happened in this case.
  • Discussion about Bill Lee’s testimony. He’s the ex- Sanford Police Chief who was ready to let a child murderer go free.
  • Discussion about the Black politicians in Sanford.
  • Discussion about how people always expose the arrest record of anybody related to the case.
  • Discussion about how mug shots are the first thing people look to pull up on someone.
  • Discussion about how the witnesses are expected to be tactful in the face of low blows by the attorneys.
  • Discussion about the testimony of Leeann Benjamin.
  • Discussion about Sondra Osterman’s testimony.
  • Discussion about Zimmerman identifying as white.
  • The case could be over as soon as next Tuesday.
  • Discussion about the Defense not having their witnesses together.
  • What if the Defense is selling witness slots to people who donate? LOL
  • Discussion about someone who Heit & Cheri know who was denied entry into the court. He says he was denied because of his YouTube videos.

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