The Defense in the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case would like us all to believe that Zimmerman, a professionally-trained MMA fighter carrying a gun, was no match for Trayvon Martin. They would prefer we keep our focus on their highlighted speculations about what Trayvon was doing in his life, rather than pay attention to Zimmerman’s history of violence (and possibly even sexual molestation). On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri discuss DAY 21 of the trial, including Defense attorney Don West’s courtroom meltdown.

Topics discussed include testimony from Dr. Vincent J.M. Di Maio, Norton Bonaparte Jr, Eloise Dilligard, Daniel Shoemaker’s animated recreation of the event, the defense’s desire to have text messages and photos from Trayvon martin’s phone presented before the jury, and more!

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    Angry White Man

  • Discussion about Day 21 in the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman trial.
  • In early morning arguments, attorneys sparred over whether to allow a defense animation (created by Daniel Shoemaker) to be presented to the jury.
  • Discussion about Dr. Di Maio’s testimony. Let’s be clear, ‪#‎Zimmerman‬ Defense expert Dr. Di Maio is PAID to reverse engineer the explanation of WHOMEVER has paid him to testify.

    Right now, he explained that the garment being away from Trayvon’s body is consistent with Trayvon leaning over Zimmerman BECAUSE HE WAS PAID BY THE DEFENSE.

    Now, if the Prosecution had paid him, he would have said Zimmerman tugging on Trayvon’s shirt is why the garment was away from the body when he was shot.

    See how Dr. Moneybags wins regardless?

    Di Maio admits that Trayvon could have been pulling away from Zimmerman with his shirt being tugged when he was shot. YET, Di Maio chose to present the Defense’s preference as his opinion. <= Proof this expert witness is on some BS.

  • Discussion about Norton Bonaparte’s testimony. Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte Jr. took the stand to discuss the details around the event where he and the mayor played the 9-1-1 calls for Trayvon Martin’s family and others.
  • Discussion about Eloise Dilligard’s testimony. She is a bonafide Black person. One interesting this is that she says she had seen Trayvon before. So, why didn’t George Zimmerman? Maybe he’d seen him before too…
  • So, the truth comes out. O’Mara and team selectively gave Dr. Di Maio witness testimonies to review. They gave him John Good, but not many of the others…
  • Discussion about Don West’s meltdown in late night court. Judge Nelson walking out while Don West continued to argue to get text messages and photos from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone admitted for jury consideration.
  • Discussion about what the defense is trying to have admitted from Trayvon’s cell phone. Defense says they have text messages made by Trayvon talking about having been in a fight and bloodied someone’s nose.

    Defense says they have texts where Trayvon is attempting to acquire a firearm. They want to have the photo of the gun from Trayvon’s phone admitted into evidence.

    Defense’s expert says that Trayvon was talking via text message about a gun with Diamond, and also had conversations about purchasing a gun with multiple other people in February 2012.

    If Judge Nelson allows all of these claims against Trayvon before the jury, then ALL we know about Zimmerman should be allowed. This includes his racism against his co-worker and the years of sexual molestation allegations by his cousin against him.

    The DEFENSE should not be allowed to have it both ways.

  • Discussion about The problem with Dr. Di Maio and Daniel Shoemaker’s animated reenactment. So just to recap, Shoemaker’s animation is based on Dr. Di Maio’s fantasy of what he asserted happened after being paid to corroborate the Defense’s story–which is based on proven liar, George Zimmerman’s inconsistent statements about what happened the night he killed Trayvon Martin. <= We call BS on this foolishness!
  • Discussion about the prosecution doing a piss poor job on this case.
  • Discussion about rumors within racist white circles that Blacks are going to riot and enact violence if Zimmerman is acquitted, But, why are Blacks responding as if this is true?
  • Discussion about the Defense resting their case possibly today.
  • sequestration violation

  • Discussion about John Donnelly violating the rule of sequestration by sitting in the court room while other witnesses testified.

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