When you are male, suited, and white in this society, you’re automatically privileged in ways that most beneficiaries of this automatic class upgrade can’t recognize. So, when it comes to the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case, race and class are inseparable components in how people view the case. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri discuss Day 22 of the trial and have a conversation about the state of race relations in America.

Topics discussed include testimony from Dennis Root, Olivia Bertalan, Robert Zimmerman Sr., whether Zimmerman will be convicted, comparisons to the OJ Simpson case, what it’s like to be Black and experience racial profiling, how white privilege and this white supremacist culture allows those of the predominant group within society to be blind to “minority” issues, current status of race relations, “Colorblindness” and the false assumption of white victimhood, pressure on Blacks to assimilate, jury deliberations, and more!

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  • The Defense rested in the Trayvon Martin / Geoge Zimmerman case on Day 22 (7-10-2013).
  • Discussion about the testimony og Dennis Root–law enforcement “use of force” expert.
  • Defense witness Dennis Root admits that he reached out to Mark O’Mara when he saw the case in the media to “help” with the case. <= He's probably doing this for free in exchange for his 15 minutes...
  • Witness Dennis Root was the go-to person for “us of force events” within the police department. What this means is he was part of the systemic process by which the police shirk responsibility for the injuries/deaths caused by police brutality…
  • Discussion about people viewing the entire community as their “castle”–as in the Castle doctrine.
  • Discussion about Olivia Bertalan’s testimony. Defense’s 17th witness is Olivia Bertalan is former neighbor of Zimmerman at Retreat at Twin Lakes. Zimmerman spoke with her at least 20 times regarding a home invasion she was involved with.

    Olivia has appeared on Nancy Grace and follows Mark O’Mara on Twitter. She says Zimmerman was very helpful to her.

    Zimmerman brought her a lock for her sliding glass door to prevent future entry by intruders.

  • Discussion about whether Zimmerman had seen Trayvon before, in light of Olivia’s intruder living right there in the neighborhood.
  • Discussion about how Zimmerman probably viewed killing a Black male as a service to the community.
  • Discussion about Robert Zimmerman Sr.’s testimony. All he did was say that it was George screaming on the 9-1-1 call.
  • Discussion about whether Zimmerman will be convicted or not. Heit & Cheri make their predictions.
  • Discussion about comparisons of this trial to the OJ Simpson case.
  • What it’s like to be Black and experience racial profiling in this country. People who don’t share this experience have a very difficult time identifying with this experience at all.
  • Discussion about how white privilege and this white supremacist culture allows those of the predominant group within society to be blind to “minority” issues.
  • Why is it that people want to doubt that racism still exists.
  • People want to ignore racism as compared with crimes against women and children.
  • Discussion about people making the accusation that those who speak out on racism are profiteering.
  • Discussion about the difficulty in convicting Zimmerman. Was this case just going through the motions? Was the case tried to shut up protesters?
  • Discussion about what it will take to make progress with regard to racism.
  • Optimization versus realism regarding racism in the United States.
  • Discussion about how the people who are the victims of the racism view other victims as being wrong for talking about race. We get this accusation on the show. People need to have some level of intellectual honesty and admit where we are on the race issue in this country.
  • Discussion about “colorblind” being the goal of the society.
  • We will always see race and gender, but it shouldn’t determine how we interact with one another.
  • Discussion about how some whites reduce Black dissatisfaction on race as emotionalism.
  • Discussion about the collective mindset of society on race. these days, white people are claiming themselves as victims of racism.
  • In order to accept one another, we must know one another. It is difficult to be close to someone who denied the reality of existence for “minorities” in this culture.
  • Discussion about how Blacks and Browns must assimilate into white culture in order to be successful, but the reverse isn’t true.
  • Discussion about the pressure on Blacks to assimilate into white culture in order to be successful. We have to give up almost everything about who we are in order to gain success.
  • Zimmerman identifying as a white male before this case.
  • Discussion about jury deliberations.
  • Discussion about the Zimmerman trial and the predicted outcome. The State is supposed to begin their closing statements today at 1 p.m.
  • Discussion about when the verdict will come through.
  • Heit & Cheri thank everyone who donated to help support TheyAlwaysGetAway.com

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