How does he [George Zimmerman] get the gun out of his holster if Trayvon Martin is on top of him in a mounted position? It would be impossible–just like many of Zimmerman’s other claims. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri welcome back Robert for a recap of the Defense’s case. They also discuss Day 23 of the trial.

Topics discussed include synopsis of the Defense’s case by Robert, discussion of Day 23 of the case, Don Wests shenanigans during court, Bernie de la Rionda’s closing statement for the State, today’s closing statements from the Defense, what the verdict will mean in terms of actual guilt, and more!

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    how does he get the gun out

  • Robert (@RLM_3 on Twitter) joins Heit & Cheri to give an overview of the Defense’s case.
  • Discussion of the jury instruction arguments that occurred during the morning of Day 23. These arguments fed into the determination of which charges the jury can consider, as well as the other guidelines for rendering their verdict.
  • The lesser charge of manslaughter will be given as an instruction to the jury.
  • One of the original lesser charges of aggravated assault was removed from the jury instructions, because it does not apply in cases where the victim is deceased.
  • Discussion about the State’s attempt to add a lesser charge of third-degree felony murder, with a basis of child abuse. Judge Nelson did not agree with this charge, and it will not be a consideration for jury lesser charges.
  • In response to the States 3rd degree murder lesser offense charge, Don West completely flips out. Ultimately, Judge Nelson sided with him in a later ruling that the 3rd degree murder charge against George Zimmerman would not be allowed. We also find out a little bit more about the Defense support team.
  • Discussion about how Don West continuously disrespects the court, but nobody’s talking about him as they did Rachel Jeantel.
  • Discussion about Judge Nelson admonishment of Don West for is inappropriate conduct.
  • Discussion about Bernie de la Rionda’s closing arguments. Heit & Cheri thought it was pretty good.
  • Discussion about Bernie’s style of sarcasm in his closing statement.
  • Discussion about the stages of BDLR’s closing statement.
  • Discussion about Bernie’s outdated PowerPoint.
  • Discussion about Zimmerman lying on Hannity, the film of the walkthrough where Zimmerman deliberately doesn’t look to the right were key moments of the closing statement.
  • Discussion about the Defense admitting that Zimmerman followed Trayvon, but their defense is that it is not illegal to do so.
  • Discussion about BDLR mounting a dummy and screaming during the closing statements.
  • Discussion about Zimmerman not being convicted.
  • Discussion about people who feel that the court is the ultimate determinant of right or wrong.
  • Discussion about how Zimmerman’s past is relevant to this case. He has a tendency to be violent. It is important for the jurors to know that he assaulted a cop.
  • Discussion about how the MSM pundits say Bernie’s closing statement was bad. Ahhh, what do they know!?!
  • Discussion about what the Defense will say in closing statements today. They will basically say Zimmerman was a good guy who was protecting his neighborhood from Black people. They will continue to push this idea that Zimmerman was basically the same as a cop.

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