man with gunYou all know what happened. A jury made up entirely of non-Black women–overwhelmingly white–decided that George Zimmerman did the right thing in stalking Trayvon Martin, an unarmed Black child, and killing him. That determination by those six women is accepted as justice in the United States of America–the place that seemingly every citizen refers to as the greatest county in the world.

Even after stating how the INjustice system that was produced and runs within the confines of this nation got it wrong with this case, they proudly make the same claim: it is the greatest, or the best. A lot of what you hear and read around this time is that the verdict shows that is okay to hunt down a Black child and kill him while he fights for his life, but the verdict does say more.

After the murder on February 26, 2012, the greatest system in the world determined that George Zimmerman should continue to walk free. It made it very clear that it was okay for him to continue to patrol the nation’s streets with a topped off 9mm when it decided that there would be no arrest nor charges brought up against Zimmerman.

Millions of people who heard about the situation signed petitions, marched, and did nearly everything imaginable to have George Zimmerman arrested and tried for his heinous crime. Many were Black, many were white, and many were of other races.

At the point it became apparent that people cared about the life of a young, Black boy, ideals from America’s founding began to counter–something like antibodies that noticed foreign bodies in its system. Since the creation of America’s system, a Black life was never considered a true part of it. Care and concern for those lives were, and are, foreign to its system. So, that system had to be protected. This protection was accomplished by identifying those who wanted Trayvon Martin to receive justice similar to what a white boy would have received as racists–a virus to the system.

The mere notion that there should be criminal charges or a trial for a non-Black killing a Black child was labeled as racism. The idea that the media would cover the fact that millions of people wanted George Zimmerman to be arrested, charged, and tried for the murder of Trayvon Martin was labeled as racist.

When the viruses–ideas that justice should run its course–became so overwhelming, the body of America began succumbing to the invasion of the ideas by charging Zimmerman. That’s when America’s antibodies came out in droves to donate to the cause of restoring its original system that did not include such ideas, viruses.

From the point that Mark O’Mara became George Zimmerman’s attorney until his trial, we heard over and over again that wanting justice for a Black boy was racist. Believing that someone should be punished for killing an unarmed Black child was called racist. And once the jury selection began, the overwhelming views that wanting justice to run its course on behalf of Black Trayvon Martin was racist, or violent.

Many potential jurors candidly shared their feelings that it was an overreaction by Black people to want the U.S. injustice system to use its time and resources to investigate and prosecute the killer of a Black boy. They described marches and rallies as riots, and involved Black people as ignorant. And, when it came time to pin down the actual jurors who would decide the fate of George Zimmerman, Mark O’Mara screamed racism by claiming that only white women were being struck from the jury. Thus, the jury ended up being a white jury–one viewed by Americans as fair and impartial.

At trial, part of the US system–the Prosecution–refused to even mention race, because even it believed that being Black afforded Trayvon Martin no rights to fair and equal protection, or consideration, under U.S. law. All the while, the team defending America’s founding principles of white supremacy, or Black inferiority, [the defense] continued to share with jury Trayvon Martin’s sin–Black skin they equated with crime and violence, much like the potential juries viewed Black persons and the ideas of justice for one.

And in the end, the jury decided that because Trayvon Martin was Black and George Zimmerman felt he should not have been in the area, Trayvon Martin was not afforded the same rights that would have been afforded to a white boy.

Similar to Dred Scott, Trayvon had no claim to freedom. He was not free to walk to and from the store. He was not free to wear a hoodie. He was not free to be Black in America. And, he was not free to fight for his life as a result of Zimmerman’s aggression. George Zimmerman was free to kill him without consequence. Zimmerman is free to carry that same gun and kill again.

The verdict rendered is that it is racist care about the lives of African Americans. Valuing the lives of African Americans in “the greatest system in the world” has been deemed as racist. The verdict ensures us that we and justice are viruses threatening the ideals of the United States of America.