Clearly Zimmerman Juror B-29 (the Black Hispanic woman) was in a fool’s paradise, as evidenced by her own description of how she viewed this case. She says she didn’t realize how important she would be to the case, along with other indicators that her head was not in the game. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri discuss Juror B-29’s televised interview on ABC yesterday.

Topics discussed include the confirmed race and ethnicity of Juror B-29, B-29 looking for sympathy, how B-29 was convinced to change her mind and vote “not guilty”, Juror B-29 saying that Zimmerman got away with murder, and more!

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    bitch doesnt take responsibility for helping zimmerman get away with murder

  • Discussion about Juror-B-29 coming forward and giving an interview to ABC:

  • Why didn’t any of the court observers ever claim her as Black?
  • She says Zimmerman got away with murder. Uh, she helped him get away. Juror B-29 was perhaps the only real chance of conviction (or at least a hung jury) by this jury of white women. Unfortunately, this Black Latina didn’t have the mental fortitude to convict him for what she continues to say he is guilty of–MURDER!!!

    Perhaps her pastime of consuming little more than those “Real Housewives” reality shows contributed to her siddity mindset.

  • She blames her “not guilty” vote on the law and the way it was read to her.
  • B-29 claims that she didn’t know that she would be so important to the case.
  • Juror B-29 said “I am hurting as much as ‪#‎Trayvon‬’s Mom is…” <= Obviously this woman is self-absorbed and cannot even begin to see the bigger picture.
  • She says she was devastated when she emerged from sequestration and realized how the “not guilty” verdict. These interviews are self-serving.
  • Discussion about B-29 saying that she feels guilty.
  • At a minimum she doesn’t think for herself, and at a maximum, she completely shirked her responsibility as a juror.
  • All of the excuses she tries to get us to believe are the same excuses the other jurors used to convince her to vote not guilty.
  • Discussion about Juror B-29 saying that she ignored who was screaming on the 9-1-1 calls because the expert said peoples’ voices could sound different because of being under stress.
  • She had the power to prevent this, so she doesn’t get to stand aside and point her finger like letting ‪Zimmerman‬ off for killing ‪Trayvon‬ was someone else’s doing.
  • Discussion about Juror B-29 saying that Zimmerman will have to answer to God.
  • How, as a Black mother of eight children, do you not identify with Trayvon being murdered after being racially profiled.
  • The prosecution and the defense preferred her “type”. They were comfortable with her as the Black woman on the jury because she presented as a shallow and substanceless person during jury selection.
  • Heit explains what he thinks went on in the jury room.
  • Discussion about people using the terms Black Hispanic and white Hispanic. We have always called Zimmerman a white Hispanic, and he identified as white before all of this. Juror B-29 is clearly of African descent and is a Black Hispanic.
  • Discussion about people saying that Juror B-29 “is Puerto Rican, not Black.” <=Are you serious. Puerto Rico is a country, not a race.
  • Discussion about people who feel sorry for Juror B-29.
  • Discussion about some of the topics that our Facebook friends asked us to address on today’s show.

    “[Talk] about how these jury people in the Trayvonn Martin case wanna now come out with this BS that they felt sorry and that they feel GZ was guilty…well if you felt that way then he should have, so I wanna hear more ppl talk about it…” – Tiffany

    “How the jurors knew this “unreasonable” fear excluded Zimmerman from claiming self defense, but that they lacked the intelligence to see it in the jury instructions, or they could not piece it together because of their own racism and identification with the same racist fear that Zimmerman felt.

    On the other hand, Martins fear was based on a reasonable fear that any 17 year old has been trained as a safety measure to heed the warning signs of a predator.

    The reality that racism is so ingrained in our society and our psyche that it is even used to justify homicide…and everyone falls in line, though, with unawareness of why this is.

    How racism is “unreasonable” fear and that Zimmerman, in this racist unreasonable fear, therefore, does not qualify for justifiable homocide.” – Holly

  • We are certainly not post racial. In fact, we are fastly approaching the circumstances in the movie “Idiocracy.”
  • Discussion about Frank Taaffe saying that he knows there was a jury holdout with five against one. People are probably giving him too much credit. This is always the dramatic way things occur in the movies. Also, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to think that the only Black juror would be on her own in thinking Zimmerman was guilty.
  • Discussion about how the other jurors stuck together against B-37’s portrayal of them in the interview.
  • discussion about Cheri saying that wither the jury was racist or extremely gullible.
  • Discussion about Juror B-29 saying she was followed in stores because of her race, yet she couldn’t think on her own enough to recognize that Trayvon was racially profiled.

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