We don’t know what caused CNN anchor Don’s sour Lemons, but this condition has caused him to lash out against Blacks, and side with racist Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. Perhaps Don Lemon is trying to stir a bit of controversy so that he won’t get kicked off CNN along with the other Blacks that new head Jeff Zucker did away with. Nevertheless, he is now suffering the consequences of anti-Black statements he’s made in multiple recent commentaries. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri address the absurdity of Don Lemon’s 5-point plan instructing Blacks on how to get themselves together.

Topics discussed include Don Lemon’s commentary on five things Blacks need to do to become respectable, sagging pants, use of the “N-word”, littering while Black, education, the condition of the poor, white privilege and supremacy, bougie Black folks, having children out of wedlock, the pressure on Blacks to assimilate into the predominant culture, racism, and more!

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  • Discussion about Don Lemon’s commentary on what Black people need to do to get themselves together. He has proven himself to be no different than Black folks of means who look down on other Black people once they come up. Don Lemon backs up statements made by white privileged and supremacist support Bill O’Reilley.
  • Discussion about the “disintegration of the Black family”. Bill and Don have a lot of nerve trying to discuss this independent of the conditions that lead to the current conditions of Blacks in America. If you want to take about the disintegration of the Black family, take it all the way back to when whites enslaved and broke up Black families for profit.
  • Discussion about the claim that nobody forces Black men to break the law. Obviously people who say this have never been poor.
  • Don has a five point plan to solve Black problems. Not one of these issues will help to improve the conditions of Blacks.
  • Don’s first point is to “pull up your pants”. How a person wears their clothes has nothing to do with the racism they face.
  • Don had no business having this conversation with a majority white audience about how to view Blacks.
  • Discussion about Don Lemon being a gay man having these discussions and basically co-signing the view of Blacks as negative unless we assimilate.
  • Don’s second point is to stop using the N-Word. The word is not the problem. It is the sentiment behind the word. If not the word “nigger”, there would have been a different word.
  • Don Lemon’s third point was “respect where you live–don’t litter.” He talks about seeing trash in Harlem, but not in the white neighborhoods where he’s lived.
  • Don Lemon’s fourth point was to finish school. He goes on to talk about kids who are academically successful are accused of “acting white” and they are discouraged from pursuing school.
  • Discussion about educating oneself and the issue that all learning and education is not in the form of academic pursuits.
  • Don’s fifth point is to stop having children out of wedlock. One of the points that Don misses is that just because the parents are not married does not mean the father isn’t present.
  • Discussion about the problem of Black assimilation via an article written by Danielle Belton (BlackSnob.com).

    Assimilation is the greatest and most important waste of time any black person will ever engage in. Because it essentially means spending your life anticipating someone else’s prejudices, then trying to modify your behavior to prove you’re a special, different, extraordinary Negro, not to be confused with Lil Wayne or the guy on the evening news who rammed a car in to a hair weave store and ran off with $10,000 worth of Indian Remy.

    Racism has played some pretty horrible tricks on black people but the worst is the one that teaches you that if you just modify your behavior, if you just dress, talk, walk, act differently, the doors will open and the prejudices will melt away, but that’s a lie. The prejudices stay the same, but your individual treatment might slightly improve.
    Source: Clutch Magazine

  • Discussion about the “when in Rome” behavior that is expected of Blacks in white supremacist America. We should not be treated as outsiders.
  • Assimilation is saying “let’s be just like the mainstream culture that has used and abused us.” It is faulty logic to think that you can camouflage yourself into being completely accepted as the mainstream.
  • We have the right as individuals to be whomever we want to be and whomever we are born as.
  • We have to be careful not to place a value judgement on people simply because they do or don’t agree with your way of live.
  • Many of the same people who complain about sagging pants have no issue with women showing cleavage.
  • in the end, Don Lemon was not only factually inaccurate, he was completely off base.
  • Even though Don Lemon appears to be addressing Black people, he is really talking to everyone else.
  • For Don, as a gay Black man, to sit in the judgement seat like this is unacceptable.

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