When it comes to everything from, the Trayvon Martin case to bombs soon to be dropped on Syria, proof and truth are irrelevant in terms of what those in power decide to do. This is true of juries and world leaders alike. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri discuss war on Syria and Shellie Zimmerman’s bombshell interview.

Topics discussed include Cheri receiving an erroneous red-light ticket in the mail, governments NOT making the case for Syrian bombing, Shellie Zimmerman’s interview in which she discloses her marriage to George Zimmerman is on the rocks, uselessness of petitions, Obama talking about the need for more innovation in science, and more!

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  • Discussion about Cheri receiving an erroneous red-light ticket in the mail.
  • Discussion about governments NOT making the case for Syrian bombing.
  • Deputy Press Secretary basically said that proof that Syrian government was responsible for gas attacks is that the President and Vice President (and others around the world) said there was proof. He then began to read statements from members of Congress who said that Syrian government was responsible.
  • How can people fall for the same lie after what happened leading up to the war on Iraq?
  • Obama’s Facebook page was overrun by comments against taking action in Syria.
  • Discussion about how historically, “help” from the U.S. comes in the form of bombs.
  • Petitions do not work for this sort of thing, yet people are passing petitions around as if that will stop
  • Discussion about how the Internet makes people more stupid. People don’t read anymore, and rely on short soundbites to form their opinions.
  • Discussion about the memo that the government is supposed to release to make the case for bombing Syria.
  • Why are they now writing articles about Osama bin Laden? Of course they have to hype the people up in time for September 11th.
  • Supposedly DNA tests verified that it was in fact Bin Laden who was killed.
  • Discussion about the French not giving a damn about proof of Syrian government. They are ready to bomb. The plan in in place and proof of anything is irrelevant.

    French President Francois Hollande said a British parliamentary vote against taking military action in Syria would not affect France’s will to act to punish Bashar al-Assad’s government for an apparent chemical weapons attack on civilians.
    Hollande told the daily Le Monde in an interview that he supported taking “firm” punitive action over an attack he said had caused “irreparable” harm to the Syrian people and said he would work closely with France’s allies.

    Asked if France could take action without Britain, Hollande replied: “Yes. Each country is sovereign to participate or not in an operation. That is valid for Britain as it is for France.”
    Source: Reuters

  • Discussion about Shellie Zimmerman’s interview. Her marriage to George Zimmerman is on the rocks.

  • So who was really the angry one during the confrontation between Zimmerman and Trayvon?

    Now we learn that Shellie Zimmerman wasn’t home the night George murdered Trayvon, because she had spent the night at her father’s house after an argument they’d had…

  • Shellie Zimmerman says that George has beaten down her self esteem and that she felt unsupported by him during her perjury case. He didn’t bother to show up to court during her plea.

    As we know, Shellie was a ride or die chick for Zimmerman throughout the Trayvon Martin case. She hid money for him and lied about it. She came to court regularly during the trial, and he hasn’t returned the favor.

  • Discussion about whether Shellie is a dummy.
  • When George was fat, Shellie was the best he could do, but he always planned to upgrade Shellie.
  • Shellie Zimmerman has some of the keys to what happened the night he murdered Trayvon.
  • Is this all a planned publicity stunt, and Shellie & George are planning all of this.
  • Discussion about how Shellie was heard in the background of one of Zimmerman’s non-emergency calls telling him not to go outside.
  • Discussion about Obama talking about the need for more innovation in science. So, why is it that 20 percent of scientists consider leaving the country because of Sequestration budget cuts. If Obama cared about innovation, his political solution would not have been sequestration. Of course, there’s plenty of money for military research.

    New data compiled by a coalition of top scientific and medical research groups show that a large majority of scientists are receiving less federal help than they were three years ago, despite spending far more time writing grants in search of it. Nearly one-fifth of scientists are considering going overseas to continue their research because of the poor funding climate in America.

    The study, which was spearheaded by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) and will be formally released next week, is the latest to highlight the extent to which years of stagnant or declining budgets, made worse by sequestration, have damaged the world of science.

    More than 3,700 scientists from all 50 states participated in the study, offering online responses in June and July 2013. They offered sobering assessments of the state of their profession. Eighty percent said they were spending more of their time writing grants now than in 2010, while 67 percent said they were receiving less grant money now than they were back then. Only two percent of respondents said they had received money from their employers — predominantly academic institutions — to make up for the loss of federal funds.

    The drying up of resources has had a damaging effect on the research being conducted, forcing scientists to curtail their projects or trim their staffs.
    Source: Huffington Post

  • Listen to what Obama said in his recent speeches. Do his actions align with what he is saying?
  • Discussion about them saying they invited a lot of Republicans to speak at the March on Washington 50th, but they declined. Why were they invited in the first place?
  • Discussion about how regular people are always snubbing from addressing the masses.

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