You don’t have to be very observant to recognize that many people of the world–especially those “in charge”–use deception as their standard operating procedure. Consequently, when it comes to situations like the impending war on Syria, it can be challenging to determine what the truth is. We also can’t discount the possibility that all sides are lying. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri illustrate this standard of deception from the Federal to local government.

Topics discussed include the latest on a Syrian strike, Trayvon Martin’s mother’s record deal, claims of “for Trayvon” beatings, Ben Jealous resigning from NAACP, Shirley Sherrod, nepotism, Willow Smith, relationship between money and talent development, deceptive Internet memes, Pine Bluff Arkansas SWAT team shooting and killing a 107-year-old man, and more!

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  • Discussion about the latest on Syria.
  • Discussion about Obama addressing the nation and Congress voting this week on striking Syria. It’s 9/11, so something will happen this week.
  • Discussion about al-Assad doing an interview. He denied the gas attacks of which he has been accused.
  • Discussion about how the new media reports the same story over and over as if the information is new. Of course, this is not new information, but rather their reinforcement of whatever idea they are trying to push.
  • Discussion about the U.S. releasing video of what they claim is proof that the Syrian government launched a sarin gas attack against it’s own people.

    Attached are 13 videos compiled by the U.S. Open Source Center from videos taken in Damascus, Syria following the use of chemical weapons on August 21, 2013.

    Warning: These videos contain disturbing images of dead bodies, including children. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

    Methodology – Selecting and Obtaining the Videos: Each of these 13 videos explicitly claim to show victims of a chemical or poison gas attack. At the request of Chairman Feinstein, these videos were selected by the Open Source Center to depict a representative range of YouTube content posted regarding the reported 21 August chemical weapons (CW) attacks in the suburbs of Damascus, Syria. All of the videos were posted on YouTube by pro-Syrian opposition users. With one exception, all 13 videos were posted by a pro-opposition Internet news channel that consistently posts user-created videos concerning the Syrian conflict. The news channel does not primarily generate content, but instead re-posts content originally posted by others.

    These videos were shown to the Intelligence Committee on Thursday, September 5.
    Source: U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee

  • Discussion about Trayvon Martin’s mother’s record deal and new single.

    About two months after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the killing of Trayvon Martin, Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, is finding new ways to keep working against gun violence.

    Sybrina Fulton was in Florida on Saturday giving away copies of a new Hip-Hop CD that she hopes will offer comfort to families affected by gun violence.

    It’s called “joy comes in the morning” – Fulton performs spoken vocals over music by a Christian Hip-Hop artist.

    On one track, Fulton is heard saying “I am glad to know my angel Trayvon is watching over me and a piece of my heart is in heaven.”

    Fulton has also said she’ll fight to have Florida’s controversial ‘Stand your Ground’ law repealed.

  • Discussion about the report that Syrian rebels

    Syrian rebels led by al-Qaida-linked fighters seized control of a predominantly Christian village northeast of Damascus, sweeping into the mountainside sanctuary in heavy fighting overnight and forcing hundreds of residents to flee, activists and locals said Sunday.

    The battle over Maaloula, an ancient village that is home to two of the oldest surviving monasteries in Syria, has thrown a spotlight on the deep-seated fears that many of Syria’s religious minorities harbor about the growing role of Islamic extremists on the rebel side in the civil war against President Bashar Assad’s regime.

    The prominence of al-Qaida-linked fighters has factored into the reluctance of Western powers to provide direct military support to the rebels. It has also figured in the debate underway in the U.S. Congress over whether to launch military strikes against Syria in retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack last month.

    After days of clashes in and around Maaloula, rebels captured the village following fierce fighting late Saturday, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring group. Observatory director Rami Abdul-Rahman said the assault was led by Jabhat al-Nusra, an al-Qaida-affiliated group, as well as by the Qalamon Liberation Front.

    He said around 1,500 rebels were inside Maaloula, while the army had the village surrounded.
    Source: Yahoo! News

  • We are never surprised when the offspring of wealthy elites, themselves, show great talent and promise. Imagine what we all could be if we had their resources and time to cultivate the things that make our hearts sing…

    With this in mind, consider how immensely talented must those be who have managed to come for “nothing” to stand on par (and even exceed) those who had all the advantages imaginable.

  • Discussion about nepotism.
  • Discussion about the advantages that Willow Smith has.
  • Discussion about Ben Jealous resigining from the NAACP.

    The man who has become the face of the NAACP — from marches protesting the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin to vigils for death row inmate Troy Davis in Georgia — is resigning effective Dec. 31.

    In an interview with USA TODAY, Benjamin Todd Jealous said the constant travel as president and CEO of the nation’s largest civil rights organization has kept him away too much from his wife, civil rights lawyer Lia Epperson, and children, daughter Morgan, 7, and Jack, 13 months. He said he plans to make a formal announcement to his staff Monday morning.

    “Leadership knows when to step up and when to step down,” Jealous said. “This day I can say with pride that I’m prepared to step down and make room for the next person who will lead this organization to its next chapter.”

  • Discussion about claims of “for Trayvon” beatings. Do we even know if this is true–that the attacks were actually motivated by the Trayvon Martin case.

    The cry “For Trayvon” has become a theme in violent attacks against innocent people who happened to be in the presence of someone seeking revenge for the shooting death of Florida black teen Trayvon Martin.

    It’s an alarming trend, says Roger Clegg, president of the Center for Equal Opportunity.

    “A pattern of racially motivated attacks is cause for serious concern,” he said. “And the evidence of racism is much stronger in these instances than in the Trayvon Martin case itself.”

    The ebook version of “If I Had a Son,” by investigative reporter Jack Cashill, is available now. The hardcover will be available at the WND Superstore shortly.

    Since Martin was killed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in February 2012, there have been at least eight attacks in which the perpetrators reportedly invoked Martin’s name. Zimmerman was acquitted by a six-member, all-female jury last month that concluded he was acting in self-defense. The most recent case of violence against an innocent victim was the murder of white college student Christopher Lane in Oklahoma.

  • Discussion about the Shirley Sherrod case, in which a deceptive video prompted her firing and people (including Ben Jealous) speaking out against her.
  • Discussion about how easy it is for people to fall for fake videos and photos.
  • Deceptive social media memes.
  • Discussion about the use of a Department of Defense photo in a meme against the will of a dead soldier’s family.

    A Middle Tennessee family who lost their son to war has been devastated by something spreading online.

    A photo of Army Spc. Jason Edens’ grieving widow has been misrepresented, all over social media.

    “I want him to be remembered as a hero – a fine young man who loved Tennessee,” said mother Jan Edens.

    All Jan Edens has left of her son are memories and mementos.

    “These are his dog tags. I wear these everyday and tell everyone if I’m not buried with these I’ll haunt you. I even have his picture close to my heart, always will be,” she said.

    Jason Edens was killed in Afghanistan last April.

    “Jason lived for 11 days, and shouldn’t have with his injuries, but he held on for us. And he held strong and he just needed to know we would be fine,” Jan Edens said.

    The soldier left behind a widow, Ashley Edens, who was seen in a photo grieving her husband as his body returned home aboard an airplane from war.

    “My son saved his unit. He was the only fatality in that attack,” Jan Edens said.

    But the Edens family was devastated once again when they recently learned Ashley’s private moment with her husband’s casket had been turned into an internet meme that continues to circulate online.
    Source: KTLV

  • Discussion about the Pine Bluff Arkansas SWAT team shooting and killing a 107-year-old man they say shot through a door at them.

    September 8, 2013 (PINE BLUFF, Ark.) — A 107-year-old man was killed after SWAT officers shot back at him during a standoff at a home, police in the southeastern Arkansas city of Pine Bluff said Sunday.

    Police were called to the home Saturday afternoon about a disturbance and say officers arrived to find Monroe Isadore had threatened two people by pointing a weapon at them.

    Officers had the pair leave the home for their own safety and approached a bedroom looking for Isadore. When the officers announced who they were, Isadore shot through the door at them but missed hitting them, said Pine Bluff Lt. David Price in a news release.

    The officers retreated to a safer area, and supervisors and additional help were called, Price said. Supervisors started negotiating with Isadore and continued after SWAT officers arrived at the home about 45 miles southeast of Little Rock.

    The SWAT team inserted a camera into the room and confirmed Isadore was armed with a handgun, Price said.

    When it was clear the negotiations weren’t working, SWAT officers released gas into the room from outside a bedroom window, Price said.

    SWAT officers entered the home, made their way to the bedroom and threw a “distraction device” into the room, Price said.

    He said Isadore began to fire at the officers and they fired back, killing him.

    Price did not immediately return phone calls Sunday for further comment. He said in the release that the investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

    Pine Bluff has about 49,000 residents.

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