Everyone has their own “trigger” language–those few words that will remind your of specific things. The media, government, and marketers have trained the public to also respond to their trigger words and phrases. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri talk language philosophy and provide and update on Syria, the Zimmerman saga, and other current events.

Topics discussed include the latest in the ongoing Syrian crisis, the new Al-Jazeera America, show series that end poorly or abruptly, watching on-demand versus live TV, how the brain processes thought to create speech, role of discourse particles in speech, searching for the best way to record thoughts, taking notes electronically versus on paper, creative thinking process, “trigger” language, update on Zimmerman saga, update on little girl punished by school for wearing dreads, and more!

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    trigger language

  • Discussion about the latest in the ongoing Syrian crisis.
  • Discussion about the the new Al-Jazeera America.
  • Discussion about the return of Grey’s Anatomy later this month.
  • Discussion about show series’ that end poorly or abruptly.
  • The last episodes of The Cosby Show, Dougie Howser, and Kyle XY were bad.
  • Discussion about watching on-demand versus live TV.
  • Discussion about how the brain processes thought to create speech from thoughts.
  • Discussion about trying to get the words right.
  • The role of discourse particles in speech, and the people who say you should avoid them.
  • Discussion about scripted speech versus talking off of the top of your head.
  • Discussion about how TV speech doesn’t include discourse articles very often.
  • Discussion about autism and savants.
  • Discussion about geniuses and how Einstein would have notes all around his house.
  • The best way to catalog ideas… still searching for it.
  • Discussion about the difference between how Heit & Cheri take notes and record ideas.
  • Discussion about taking paper notes.
  • Discussion about how actually writing notes seems to cultivate things in the brain differently than typing.
  • Discussion about the difficulties using speech-to-text when you are trying to create.
  • Discussion about the disconnect between the thought, the language, and the speech.
  • Discussion about each person having a different “trigger” language–those words that help you to remember concepts.
  • The need to refill your well of information.
  • Mention of the study where the neurologists missed a gorilla placed on a brain scan.
  • Discussion about the subconscious and how scientists have figured out what triggers to place in order to elicit a response.
  • Discussion about subliminal messaging.
  • Discussion about the “no boots on the ground” message that the government is pushing right now with regard to Syria.
  • An update on the recent domestic altercation between George and Shellie Zimmerman.
  • Discussion about Dr. Bao saying that he was silenced about his evidence that Trayvon Martin was not the aggressor.
  • Discussion about the judge who gave a child molester 30 days. He tried to revise his ruling, but the court said he couldn’t.
  • Discussion about biases of judges and juries.
  • Update on the case about the 7-year-old girl who was told that her locs violated the school’s dress code. Both educators and legislators are said to be reviewing the policy after a huge backlash against the school.

    Controversy continues to brew over an Oklahoma charter school’s dress code banning “hairstyles such as dreadlocks, afros, mohawks and other faddish styles.”

    The policy rose to national prominence last week when 7-year-old Tiana Parker spoke out about being reprimanded by Deborah Brown Community School officials for wearing dreadlocks.

    State legislators are trying to coordinate a review of the policy.

    “We are working to bring the school administrators and board members together with the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus members to coordinate a review of these policies,” said state Senator Kevin Matthews (D-Tulsa) in a statement released to media. “Although direct legislative action is not an option of addressing the issue in the short term, school policies can be addressed, reviewed or changed by the Deborah Brown Community School’s internal board.”

    Anastasia Pittmann (D-Oklahoma City), who chairs the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus, said she also wants to review the policy.

    “We always want to promote culturally and linguistically sensitive policies because we believe all children can learn,” Pittman noted in a statement.
    Source:Huffington Post

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