On this uncut, uncensored version of the AxAm Live! Radio broadcast by Axiom Amnesia, Heit & Cheri discuss the government shutdown going into the second week, Congress still having their gym open while the masses of people are left to deal with significantly reduced services, voting people in versus voting them out, Chris Cox deciding to mow the neglected lawn outside of the Lincoln memorial, see-through bathrooms hailed as art in the Texas town of Sulphur Springs, challenges for women using public restrooms, what determines if something is art, functional art, a Hampton University student who walks around with papers to prove she is a Muslim so that she can wear her hijab (head covering) on campus, copy-cat drugs, flesh-eating drugs, the Miriam Carey case–the woman who was killed by Capitol Hill Police under suspicious circumstances, a white principal who manhandled and beat a Black female student and suspended the students who shared the photo of him with the girl in a headlock, and whole lot more!

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Miriam Carey

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