What is your greatest accomplishment? Believe it or not, most people we asked cited their children. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri discuss a variety of topics related to achieving our greatest accomplishments and the impediments to greatness experienced by many.

Topics discussed include an update on the George Zimmerman domestic violence arrest, Canadian school that fined a mother for not sending her children with a balanced lunch, government agents using a roadblock in Ft. Worth to collect DNA and breathalyzer samples from motorists, difficulty in finding new music artists to listen to, Heit using the Internet for music collaborations 15 years ago, Peoples’ responses to the question “What is your greatest accomplishment?”, Emma Blakk’s music, and more!

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    What's In Your Way Roadblock Barricade SIgn

  • Update on the George Zimmerman arrest. He’s out on bond!

    George Zimmerman walked out of jail today after agreeing to give up his guns and wear an electronic monitor.

    Zimmerman, who had been acquitted earlier this year of murder in the death teenager Trayvon Martin, had posted a $9,000 bond for his release.

    In addition to giving up his guns and wearing a monitor, Zimmerman was told he must stay away from his girlfriend.

    Earlier in the day, Zimmerman stood expressionless as the judge explained that there is probable cause in his case and a bead of sweat trickled down his face as the judge explained the conditions for his release.

    The state attorney said that the victim, identified by police as Zimmerman’s girlfriend Samantha Scheibe, said there was a prior domestic violence incident a week-and-a-half ago that involved “a choking.”
    Source: ABC

  • Discussion about a Canadian school that fined a mother for not sending her children with a balanced lunch.

    A mom who thought she was properly parenting by sending her two young kids to school with a homemade, whole-food lunch was shocked to find a penalty note from school officials informing her that the lunch of roast beef, potatoes, carrots, oranges and milk she provided was “unbalanced” and therefore had to be supplemented with Ritz crackers.

    She was also fined $10.

    According to Weighty Matters, the Manitoba Government’s Early Learning and Child Care department blindly follows a policy which requires lunches to be “balanced” according to “Canada’s awful Food Guide.”

    Unbalanced lunches are subject to supplementation and a fine of CDN$5 (US$4.80) per “missing item” per child.

    In Kristen Bartkiw’s case, she “neglected” to include “grains” with Natalie and Logan’s packed lunches — a “dereliction” that was “corrected” through the “supplementation” of Ritz crackers.

    According to the nutrition facts found on its homepage, a serving of Ritz crackers (~10 crackers) contains 6.5g of fat, of which nearly half is saturated.

    To drive home the ridiculousness of the policy, Kristen tells Weighty Matters she could have sent her kids to daycare with “microwave Kraft Dinner and a hot dog, a package of fruit twists, a Cheestring, and a juice box,” and it would have been met with approval by the MCCA.

    As a follow-up, Kristen notes that other parents falling short of Manitoba’s policy has resulted in the creation of a hot lunch program, which she described as “great.”
    Source: Gawker

  • Discussion about government agents using a roadblock in Ft. Worth to collect DNA and breathalizer samples from motorists.

    Some drivers along a busy Fort Worth street on Friday were stopped at a police roadblock and directed into a parking lot, where they were asked by federal contractors for samples of their breath, saliva and even blood.

    It was part of a government research study aimed at determining the number of drunken or drug-impaired drivers.

    “It just doesn’t seem right that you can be forced off the road when you’re not doing anything wrong,” said Kim Cope, who said she was on her lunch break when she was forced to pull over at the roadblock on Beach Street in North Fort Worth.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is spending $7.9 million on the survey over three years, said participation was “100 percent voluntary” and anonymous.

    But Cope said it didn’t feel voluntary to her — despite signs saying it was.

    “I gestured to the guy in front that I just wanted to go straight, but he wouldn’t let me and forced me into a parking spot,” she said.

    Once parked, she couldn’t believe what she was asked next.

    “They were asking for cheek swabs,” she said. “They would give $10 for that. Also, if you let them take your blood, they would pay you $50 for that.”

    At the very least, she said, they wanted to test her breath for alcohol.

    She said she felt trapped.

    “I finally did the Breathalyzer test just because I thought that would be the easiest way to leave,” she said, adding she received no money.
    Source: NBC

  • Discussion about McDonald’s telling employees to sing their way through their crappy work days.

    McDonald’s advises its low-wage workers to try “breaking food into pieces” to feel full, and urges them to “pack your bags” for vacation, “chew away cares” with gum, “keep the faith” by going to church, and “sing away stress.”

    These and other tips appear on a “McResource Line” website created by the McDonald’s Corp. to advise workers on stress, health and personal finances. Among the tips that appear on the site: “Chewing gum can reduce cortisol levels by 16%”; “At least two vacations a year can cut heart attack risk by 50%”; “Singing along to your favorite songs can lower your blood pressure”; and “People who attend more church services tend to have lower blood pressure.” The site also offers dietary tips for physical and mental health: “The tryptophan in cheese will increase serotonin levels and boost your mood”; “Trans fats raise the risk of depression, while olive oil can prevent the blues” and “Breaking food into pieces often results in eating less and still feeling full.” (That last one may be intended as dietary rather than budgetary advice.)

    Some of those tips are featured in a new video slamming McDonald’s, released Tuesday afternoon by a group behind fast food workers’ strikes. The video, posted on a website started by the New York group Fast Food Forward, ends by declaring, “Had enough of McDonald’s Help? So have the more than 700,000 people who work for them,” and exhorts viewers to support them. McDonald’s did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
    Source: Salon.com

  • Discussion about how statistics and “studies” are used to justify a supposed risk factor for various conditions.
  • Heit discusses the difficulty in finding new artists that he wants to listen to.
  • Discussion about the YouTube Music Awards.
  • Heit explains how he used the Internet for music collaborations 15 years ago. He was ahead of his time!
  • Peoples’ responses to the question “What is your greatest accomplishment?”
  • Discussion about Emma Blakk’s song, “Don’t Go.”

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