What are the origins of “blaction”–Black action or any kind action for that matter? For starters, thought is action. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri challenge you to look beyond race to examine the truth behind things that people accept as accurate far too easily.

Topics discussed include the origins of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, people spreading misinformation, supporting Black businesses, capitalism, classism, Black Facebook groups missing the mark, self-sufficiency, thought as action and more!

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  • Discussion about people who believe it is important to only support your own race.
  • Discussion about Thanksgiving and people who discuss the origins of the holiday and the genocide perpetrated upon Native Americans, followed by the use of African slave labor.
  • Apparently if you gather to eat a meal on Thanksgiving, then you are obviously a bad person.
  • Good done on any day is still good. If Thanksgiving is the only day that you feed the homeless, it is still a good thing.
  • Some of the same people who criticize those partaking in Thanksgiving meals with their family also plan on feeding the homeless with leftovers they collected. How much sense does that make?
  • Discussion about criticism of shopping on Black Friday.
  • black friday

  • Discussion about a photo that suggests, inaccurately, that the origin of Black Friday was slaves on the block being sold to the highest bidder:
  • The same image with a different caption that tried to support the idea that this was the origin of what we know as Black Friday.
  • People were commenting on posts saying that they didn’t know that this was the origin of Black Friday. That’s because IT ISN’T THE ORIGIN OF BLACK FRIDAY.
  • Some people are taking things and making it up, then presenting it as fact and people believe the foolishness.
  • Discussion about how these same people suggested that planking’s origin came from the way African slaves were packed into slave ships.
    planking slave ship
  • How long shall we remain ignorant!?!
  • People need to stop taking the word of those who simply state things with authority. Do your research.
  • Discussion about “buying Black.”
  • It makes sense to buy within your own geographic community. This way you are helping to support the economy of your own neighborhood, rather than those taxes going to support other areas.
  • Discussion about Black people and poor people supporting capitalism, which is responsible for the condition in which they find themselves. It is a bad idea to simply mimic the mainstream culture.
  • Discussion about the different races of people who are also poor. These people are ignored because of the class system. Racism is just another way to maintain a classist society.
  • Backs should create and support their own businesses themselves. However, when we see Black people doing this today, they tend to be selling or promoting products for large corporations.
  • Discussion of Axiom Amnesia, which is Black controlled and owned, doing everything in-house.
  • Discussion about Black groups who fail to serve the people who decide to engage with them. They preach supporting Blacks, but they operate entirely under the 3rd party controlled white resources. They are being lazy in their approach. Then, these groups have the nerve to discuss financial independence, yet they are not independent themselves.
  • Discussion about Axiom Amnesia not trying to be leaders.
  • Discussion about self-sufficiency and “doing something.”
  • Discussion about how many of the Black groups on Facebook and elsewhere need to step up their game and practice what they preach about supporting Black-owned.
  • Discussion about Bossip not pretending to be what they are not.
  • Discussion about people complaining but being unwilling to take any corrective action.
  • Action does not have to be visible to everyone. Thought is action. If you want to change the way people act, then you need to change their mindset–that which facilitates the outward actions.
  • Discussion about the drawbacks of attempting to build an empire on Facebook. What happens when Facebook is gone. Facebook should be enhancing your own website, not the other way around.
  • Discussion about using Facebook to amplify your message.
  • Discussion about the expenses associated with Axiom Amnesia’s website and podcasts.
  • While you may not be able to completely step away from giving money to large corporations, you can decrease how much you utilize them by learning to do some things for yourself.
  • Discussion about the new MySpace. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out. It’s gonna give Facebook some real competition.
  • Discussion about the need for a aggregator that combine all of the different social networks together on your website. At the same time it would allow people to participate directly from their preferred platform.
  • Discussion about why people of all races like Axiom Amnesia. Because the issues we discuss are not limited to just Black people.
  • Discussion about people limiting themselves and their audiences when they use the word “black” in the title of their show or blog.
  • Discussion about being programmed to speak from the perspective of race.

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