At some point we all must settle the battle between our persona and our authentic selves. This is especially true for celebrities, who often have larger than life personas. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri discuss Jay-Z as an illustration of a number of issues, including social responsibility celebrities and shyness.

Topics discussed include celebrities and social responsibility, Tommy Sotomayor stealing an Axiom Amnesia video and his other antics, Harry Belafonte calling Beyonce and Jay-Z for their lack of social responsibility, Samsung buying 1 million copies of Jay-Z’s new album, old head celebrities fighting to stay relevant, Jay-Z not being an alpha male, Heit & Cheri being shy, being shy versus lacking confidence, Jay-Z’s appearance on Bill Maher’s show, how Harry Belafonte could help Jay-Z and Beyonce gain perspective, and more!

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    jay z vs shawn carter

  • Discussion about celebrities and social responsibility. They have the responsibility to use their notoriety for good.
  • Discussion about Tommy Sotomayor stealing an Axiom Amnesia video and then placing an ad on it. We told him to either remove the ads (trying to making money) or remove the video. He chose to remove the video, so it is obvious what his goal is–making money.
  • Discussion about Tommy Sotomayor making a video where he says people have threatened his life by calling his mother’s church.
  • Discussion about Jay-Z and Beyonce tying to upgrade themselves to having more substance.
  • Discussion about Beyonce’s open letters to Michelle Obama and attempts to change her image. We talked about this in Episode
  • Discussion about Harry Belafonte calling Beyonce and Jay-Z for their lack of social responsibility. We talked about this in Episode 046: Suck Cess.
  • Discussion about Samsung buying 1 million of Jay-Z’s new album in exchange for him being the face their new app that collects a bunch of personal information.
  • Discussion about old head celebrities fighting to stay relevant.
  • Discussion about entertainers’ attempts to assimilate into the more intellectual and rich people.
  • Discussion about Jay-Z not seeing like he is confident with intellectual discussions.
  • On the song December 4th, his mother says that Jay-Z was a shy child. This doesn’t go away just because he’s made a bunch of money. Think Michael Jackson.
  • Heit & Cheri discuss their own shyness. When “performing” it is a completely different persona. They give examples of performing music and public speaking. Heit talks about how the Marine Corps helped with his public speaking skills.
  • Discussion about Jay-Z’s appearance on Bill Maher’s show.
  • Discussion about shyness versus lack of confidence.
  • Perhaps Jay-Z is not confident in some areas. Or, perhaps it is just his shyness. He doesn’t appear to be an alpha male–unlike P. Diddy.
  • Discussion about the dynamic between Bill Maher and Jay-Z during their conversation. This was not the typical music mogul interview, and thus was more challenging than
  • Discussion about Jay-Z’s funny laugh.
  • Heit say this episode is starting to make him feel a little sorry for Jay-Z because of his social interactions.
  • In the clip Jay-Z was mostly a no show as the only Black on the panel, yet allowing a bunch of white people speculating about what Blacks want. He dropped the ball.
  • Jay-Z has trouble elaborating on his points because he is ill-prepared. He even admits during the interview that he doesn’t read the newspaper.
  • He does get a point for saying more jobs are better than more police.
  • Discussion about Barney Frank saying that Blacks want more policing–fair policing though.
  • It was clear that Brney was the more powerful one in the conversation.
  • Jay-Z’s point that “there’s no more middle class” seemed oddly out of place.
  • Jay-Z could probably benefit a lot from meeting with Harry Belafonte.
  • Discussion about Jay-Z saying that his presence IS charity.
  • Discussion about Jay-Z being upset by Belafonte’s rebuke. You can tell that he and Beyonce believed what Belafonte said about them because they tried to do more after.
  • Belafonte has been involved with civil rights for decades.
  • Discussion that Beyonce really wasn’t taught to be more than the entertainer, and this is a learning experience for her.
  • Discussion about the pursuit of the average person as “just trying to obtain success.”
  • Jay-Z and Beyonce’s real power is their influence over their fans. That’s even more valuable than their money.

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