Whenever humans come on the scene, they demolish almost everything in the environment, then attempt to rebuild it–they call themselves “perfecting nature” to their preference. Should we really destroy the natural environment in an attempt to make the world free from things that humans find adverse or annoying? On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri are back from their summer hiatus with, bringing you up to speed on the latest social, political, and philosophical discussion of the day.

Topics discussed include the new show format–topic segments, building a recording studio, Heit & Cheri’s move, “open carry” gun protests, Dubai’s plan to build the world’s first climate-controlled city, Detroit and other cities shutting off water to tens of thousands of needy people, and more!

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  • Discussion about the summer hiatus Heit & Cheri took–they moved, revamped the show format, and plenty of other things.
  • Heit & Cheri discuss building a recording studio.
  • Heit & Cheri talk about the experience of moving this summer.
  • Discussion about the new show format with segmented topics. There will also be different podcasts for each major subject. here also may be a Hip Hop show and live DJ sessions with Heit.
  • Discussion about the largely ineffective “open carry” gun protests.

    Opponents and advocates agree on one thing: Texas has emerged as the hotbed of the open carry movement. Its adherents stand on street corners and parade in other venues with their rifles and shotguns. One of their intents is to accustom the public to the routine display of firearms — even military-style semiautomatic rifles.
    Semiautomatics can be fired rapidly because they load from a multi-round magazine. In Texas, no permit or training is required to own or use them.
    Open carry activists say they ensure that their gatherings are safe and civil. Participants are urged to practice gun safety and avoid hostile encounters.
    “We’re under a microscope,” the organizer of a recent Tarrant County rally warned those about to march. “Our enemies are watching us.”
    But some of their tactics — such as entering stores and restaurants with their rifles on full display — are seen by some as needlessly provocative. “Is that the person you want standing next to you at Target?” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.
    She, too, believes violence could erupt soon. “I think it’s only a matter of time before something horrific happens.”
    Source: Dallas Morning News

  • Discussion about how people choose what causes to champion.
  • Discussion about the history of “open carry”.
  • Discussion about the racist motivations for people wanting gun and immigration control.
  • Discussion about the world’s first climate-controlled city.

    Dubai is already home to the tallest tower in the world, so it was just a matter of time until the glitzy emirate planned another record-breaking construction.

    Its next project involves building the largest shopping mall om the planet, complete with climate-controlled streets, the world’s largest indoor theme park and 100 hotels and apartments.

    In fact, the ambitious emirate has dubbed the project a ‘temperature-controlled pedestrian city’.
    Source: Daily Mail

  • Discussion about people manicuring and mimicking nature. When humans come into an environment, they destroy everything, then try to rebuild nature.
  • Discussion about the resource of water, and people not being able to afford their water bills. Cities like Detroit, are cutting peoples’ water off left and right.

    After reading a report from a local media outlet called the Michigan Citizen, in a column called Detroit Raw, it all clicked there was a concerted effort to cut people off of water who had bills that were delinquent at the rate of $150 or more. Sam Riddle, Political Director of the National Action Network Michigan Chapter spoke at our weekly NAN meeting explaining the inhumanity of this practice, and spoke on the importance of the organizations filing a complaint with the United Nations. Then committed activist Charity Hicks was assaulted and accosted by Detroit Police Department for trying to alert neighbors that the militaristic water soldiers/contractors were shutting off water on the block. Michigan Welfare Rights and peoples water board a host of organizations along with National Action Network began to go to work.
    Source: Huffington Post

  • Discussion about utility companies being “for profit”.

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