What constitutes rape? Does the woman have to verbally say “yes”, or is not saying “no” an implied “yes”? On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri attempt to answer these questions…

Topics discussed include Cee Lo Green’s controversial tweets about rape, what constitutes rape, date rape scenarios, the “yes means yes” proposed law, the male sex drive, blaming rape victims, and more!

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  • Discussion about Cee Lo Green’s controversial tweets about rape after pleading no contest to giving a woman the party drug Ecstasy.

    The singer, born Thomas DeCarlo Calloway, had allegedly spiked a 33-year-old woman’s drink with MDMA at a Los Angeles restaurant in 2012, after which she said she woke up naked in his hotel room with no memory of the night before. Prosecutors had declined to press charges on rape of an intoxicated person due to lack of evidence, but Green had previously been caught on tape talking about the case and admitting to possession of the drug.

    Green, the singer behind hit singles like “Forget You” and a former a judge on “The Voice,” posted several comments about the case on his Twitter account that quickly enraged fans.

    Among them was his (empirically false) belief that, “People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”

    Green went on, adding, “When someone brakes on a home there is broken glass where is your plausible proof that anyone was raped.” He also wrote, “If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent,” a statement as rhetorically confusing as it is offensive.

    The singer later deleted this series of tweets, and then his entire Twitter account, after fans pilloried him online.

    Green eventually revived his account, offering a pseudo-apology by saying, “I’d never condone the harm of any women,” and that his comments were “taken so far out of context.”
    Source: LA Times

  • Discussion about it being a bad idea to take to social media to try and defend oneself.
  • Discussion about what consent is–nonverbal versus verbal.
  • Discussion about each of Cee Lo’s tweets–he made some contradictory statements.
  • The results of rape are not always just emotional–it includes the physical too!
  • Discussion about whether it is rape if the woman is unconscious.
  • Would the charges have been filed if it wasn’t Cee Lo Green?
  • Discussion about R. Kelly’s troubles with allegedly having sex with under-aged girls.
  • Discussion about rape culture and the idea that you will be raped if you go to jail. People joke about men getting raped. A woman getting raped is never funny.
  • Discussion about the perceived conflict people feel when someone is very talented and yet does something society views as unacceptable.
  • How is a man to know that a woman is consenting to sex? Is it necessary for the woman to say “yes” verbally?
  • Discussion about the “yes means yes” concept.

    A presidential task force found that 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted during college.

    The government is investigating how dozens of schools handle sexual assault complaints.

    Now, the California legislature has sent the governor the first law of its kind designed to reduce assaults.

    It’s called the “yes means yes” law.

    University of California, Los Angeles senior Savanah Badalich is an advocate for the proposed law. She says she learned “no” is not enough when she was raped by a fellow student.

    “I had said ‘no’ numerous times. But after a while, I just stopped saying anything at all,” said Badalich. “I don’t think had I said no nine times versus the eight times that I did, it would have made a difference, so I just stopped talking. And that could technically be used against me without this affirmative consent bill.”

    The California bill is unique because it requires “an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement” before students have sex. The legislation also says a “lack of resistance or silence cannot be interpreted as a yes.”

    Ultimately, whether it’s “yes means yes” or “no means no,” it’s still going to be a he said-she said. Badalich said that’s always going to be a concern, “but what I can say is, if a survivor goes into a hearing committee and says ‘I was so scared I didn’t say anything at all,’ before affirmative consent, that means that you could have been consenting.”

    If the measure passes, it would apply to California colleges and universities receiving state financial aid.

    Steve Meister, a defense attorney specializing in sexual assault cases, thinks the proposed law is confusing and will make little difference.
    Source: CBS News

  • Heit says that when you are in the act of sex, you’re not in your rational mind–therefore it is very difficult for a man to stop when he is in the middle of sex.
  • Discussion about all of the permutations of rape.

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