We spend much of our time navigating life with the notion that we have the “right of way.” This is true whether we are on an actual roadway, or whether we are justifying our actions as the right thing to do–whether that’s really true or not. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri explore the idea of doing the “right” thing, even when there are tons of reasons not to.

Topics discussed include why they call Wednesday “Hump Day,” Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office teaming up with Lake Charles Police to form a task force that harasses motorists in conjunction with the local news’ help, war on drugs, profiling motorists for traffic stops, the fact that there’s always a reason not to do the right thing, and more!

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Segment 1


  • Discussion about it being “hump day.” Why do people call it hump day? It’s because on Monday and Tuesday you’re ramping up for the week, then Wednesday is the “hump,” and Thursday and Friday are days of winding down.
  • Discussion about productivity going down on Thursday and Friday.
  • Discussion about how doing what you love doesn’t feel like work.
  • Discussion about drug busts in Southwest Louisiana. KPLC news works with the police department in Lake Charles, pulling people over. They have a Combined Anti-Drug Task (CAT) Force that’s dedicated to this–harassing motorists, looking for drugs.
  • I-10 is known as the “Cocaine Pipeline” because it is the corridor that provides a way for people to move drugs from Mexico, through Texas and Louisiana to the East.
  • Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office and Lake Charles Police are also in cahoots with KPLC, the NBC, affiliate to publicize these arrests. If you look at the articles written about the drug busts, you’ll see that they all follow the same template:
    CPSO pot bust on I-10 leads to arrest of Lafayette man
    CPSO arrests three in I-10 drug bust
    C.A.T. Team makes drug bust on I-10
    Anti-Drug Task Force makes pot bust on I-10
    CPSO drug task force makes pot, pill busts on I-10
    Anti-drug task force busts two for cocaine
    Drug dog sniffs out $120K in marijuana during I-10 stop
    Traffic stop leads to drug bust on I-10
    Man arrested in synthetic marijuana bust On I-10
    I-10 task force yields 2 drug-related arrests
    C.A.T. Team makes pot bust on I-10
    Over $40,000 worth of pot recovered in car on I-10
  • This is all part of the supposed “War on Drugs.” They are basically catching people with supposed moving violations, and then finding drugs. There are detectives who are stopping people on traffic violations. Since when does a detective stop people for traffic violations?
  • In each of the reports, the detective who pulls the “suspect” over says that they were “acting suspiciously.” Oh really? They then document that the driver consented to the search. We doubt that the person consented. They just say that to make it sound like they adhered to the law when they conducted the search.
  • When people read these articles it makes people think that it doesn’t matter that the driver’s civil rights were probably violated since they supposedly found drugs on the person. The media is working with the police to help them accomplish their goal of giving the impression that they are fighting the drug war. They also use this as an opportunity to portray a specific image of drug traffickers.
  • How many people do they stop and not find anything on? What criteria are they using to profile “suspicious” people? We are expected to believe that people who are trafficking drugs are acting suspiciously and committing traffic violations. Yeah, right!
  • After reading a few of the articles, it is obvious that these articles are basically templated information that comes from the police department’s press office. It is almost like a fill-in-the blank type of article and report.
  • All of these reports say that the drugs were found during traffic violations, the drivers acted suspiciously, they either consented to search or a canine was used, and they happened between the Texas border and Lake Charles going eastbound.
  • How many people are being harassed that didn’t do anything? How many people are being fined because the police needed probable cause to search the vehicle for drugs?
  • Why is someone who is part of a drug team making traffic stops? This is a clear example of how the media and police are helping to build the prison industrial complex. Only certain people are subjected to this kind of treatment on the basis of being “suspicious.”
  • Discussion about what readers/listeners think of this type of police harassment. Many of them probably view this as a good thing since the police appear to be cracking down on drugs. They probably don’t care about the violations of the person’s civil rights. It’s like they deserve the violation because they were accused of committing a crime.
  • Mention of a story that we discussed last week on Axiom Amnesia about a woman who got her children taken by child protective services for leaving them home alone.
  • Discussion about people being pulled over for violations that they didn’t commit.
  • Discussion about people being willing to give up privacy, freedoms, and rights in order to “help fight crime.”
  • Discussion about the TSA being unionized now.
  • marc lamont hill

  • Discussion about HuffPost Live. It’s cool that they do their production through Google+ Hangout. It consists of a bunch of different people talking with a moderator. The interaction piece is awesome because you can be on TV with them. It’s also an easy format for them to implement.
  • Marc Lamont Hill is one of the moderators for HuffPo Live.
  • Recently, Marc Lamont Hill said, “There’s always a reason not to do the right thing.”
  • This is such a true statement. For instance, with Obama, there were a lot of “right things” that he should have been doing, but there was always an excuse not to do them. These reasons ultimately led to doing something “less right” or even downright wrong.
  • It’s funny that after the reelection Obama now says that he is going to do the right thing now. Yeah, right!
  • Even in our own lives, there’s always the temptation not to do the right thing. One reason for this is because doing the right thing often involves some sacrifice.
  • Discussion about how some Black people say that they would not have been a slave back in the day. Ironically, their attitudes today are conformist. They would have been just the same back then–they wouldn’t have tested the system.
  • Discussion about reasons not to do the right thing in the context of wanting to escape the modern day plantation.
  • Discussion about how to deal with wanting to escape the plantation, yet still needing to have a means of providing for themselves.
  • Debating whether there are legitimate reasons to not do the right thing.
  • Is there a definitive right thing?
  • Discussion about the compromises people make while trying to do the right thing.
  • It’s probably not realistic to be 100 percent right all of the time. This is the ideal, but we should keep this long term goal in mind so that we can always be as right as we can be given the circumstances.

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