October 2, 2014

Episode 498: The Sexual Technology Of Interracial Relationships And Potential Self Hate


Let’s face it! The use of technology for sexual gratification has always been prevalent from even the earliest technological advances. In addition, technology has made it much easier for us to connect with people who are different from ourselves, which has helped to fuel interracial relationships. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri welcome back John “J-One” Pennymon for a discussion about the role of technology in sexual gratification. They also discuss the idea that people who date EXCLUSIVELY outside of their race have unaddressed self-hate issues.

Topics discussed include the use of technology for sexual gratification, sex being a taboo subject, the use of religion to control sexual activity of the society, oppression and shaming of sex, censorship of sexual references in songs in the past, twerking and shaming particular dances, the self hate element of the choice of many people to date exclusively outside of their race, and more!

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  • Discussion about the use of technology for sexual gratification.
  • Discussion about sex being a taboo subject.
  • Discussion about the use of religion to control sexual activity of the society.
  • The oppression and shaming of sex.
  • Discussion about censorship of sexual references in songs in the past.
  • Discussion about twerking and shaming particular dances.
  • Discussion about how dance moves are viewed through the lens of culture and are perceived differently depending on it. Hula dancing and belly dancing is considered artistic, whereas twerking is painted to be slutty.
  • The history books will surely reflect that Miley Cyrus invented twerking.
  • Discussion about interracial relationships and the different perceptions between Black men who date outside of the race and Black women who do the same.
  • Discussion about the portrayal of a Black woman on scandal.
  • Discussion about the self hate element of the choice of many people who choose to date exclusively outside of the race.
  • Discussion about the history of interracial sexual interactions from slavery.
  • The role of colorism, racial preference, and anglo ideals of beauty in the decision to date exclusively outside of one’s race.
  • The issue is not about inclusion of other races in one’s dating pool, but rather the choice to exclude one’s own race from potential mates.
  • Discussion about the fact that what different races have in common is far greater than the differences.
  • Discussion about people having a negative experience and attributing it to and entire race of people.

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