Your life is in ads whether you like it or not. Our engagement in social media sites like Facebook and YouTube is one way that we choose to advertise ourselves. In addition, commercial ads are also a part of our lives, permeating every kind of media we come in contact with. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri discuss YouTube videos and advertisements of all kinds.

Topics discussed include notable YouTube videos, on-demand television, evolution of online entertainment, TV and online advertisements, and more!

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Segment 1


  • Heit begins the show with a demo of his Black TV reporter voice.
  • Discussion about the Black reporter who loses his game face when he swallows a bug on camera:
  • Cheri explains that one of the most funny YouTube videos she’s seen is The Grape Lady:
  • Another video that Cheri likes is Scarlet Takes a Tumble. The woman is singing and doing random things, at which time she decides to stand on the table. The rest is history.
  • Heit says that he doesn’t really have any favorite funny YouTube Videos.
  • Discussion that Psy’s Gangnam Style video has become the most watched video on YouTube. Heit & Cheri think it might hit a billion views.
  • Discussion about the first YouTube that was ever uploaded.
  • Discussion about the idea of YouTube, and how strange it must have been when people thought it would be a good idea to make a site where people could upload their own videos.
  • Cheri loves to watch medical videos, especially the gross surgery ones.
  • Discussion about Heit & Cheri watching tooth extraction videos. There was one video where the dentist was very skilled, and he removed the wisdom tooth with very little blood.
  • There was another video of a wisdom tooth extraction where the dentist basically chiseled bone and totally tore up the person’s mouth. Clearly the difference in the art of dentistry versus just getting that tooth out by any means necessary.
  • Discussion about how YouTube videos can teach you how to do anything.
  • Discussion about the nasty boil and cyst-bursting videos Cheri likes to watch.
  • These days, it seems like everything is on YouTube. If you want to learn how to do something, check YouTube.
  • YouTube makes it so easy, that you can follow right along with the video while you learn to do something new.
  • People who don’t use YouTube are really missing out. Some people view YouTube as one-dimensional and for entertainment only. Not so!
  • Why do you need TV, when there’s YouTube?
  • The first YouTube video was taken at a zoo.
  • Discussion about on-demand entertainment.
  • Discussion about Netflix and Crackle have some shows that are only available on their platform only.
  • Discussion about the future of TV not having a schedule. A schedule is something of control, and people should be free to watch when and how they prefer.
  • Discussion about how the rating system would need to change if all TV was on-demand programming.
  • Discussion about commercials in on-demand programming. A few years ago, there were hardly any commercials in online videos when you watched them. Now they have commercials in most of them.
  • Discussion about contextual ads online.
  • Discussion about how Hulu asks about your interests so that they can funnel more targeted ads to you.
  • Discussion about the future of ads in cell pones.
  • Heit & Cheri think that it would be cool if you could have free cell phone service, but it would force people to listen to an ad before the call connects. People could pay per call to skip the ads if they prefer. The nice thing about this is people who don’t have a lot of money can still have cell phone service.
  • What if the ad would break into the middle of your phone conversation?
  • Discussion about the idea that a good sales person connects the consumer with the best product for their needs and circumstance.
  • Discussion about the history of advertising and commercials. The first commercials were very basic. Now the commercials sell the dream, not the product. The product is the tangible that is used to achieve the intangible.
  • Discussion about the product placements and commericals in old fasioned TV commercials.
  • Discussion about Heinekin paying $45 million for a product placement in the latest James Bond film. They paid this obscene amount so that the lead character would ditch the martini for a beer.
  • Discussion about radio advertising and endorsements by show hosts.
  • Discussion about Axiom Amnesia’s decision not to run ads on the site or podcast.
  • Discussion about how online advertisements will sometimes sell messages that are contrary to the values of the website. If you choose to have ads on your site, it is probably best if you choose the specific ads, rather than using a service that places unapproved ads on your site.