Who is controlling your mind? That’s the question you ought to be asking right now, because chances are, it’s not you! On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, join Heit & Cheri for a free-flowing discussion on a variety of subjects. It was about a three years ago that they released the first episode of the show. October 11, 2014, is also the two year anniversary date of their debut album, “Improper Conduct.”

Other topics discussed include how The Axiom Amnesia Theory has changed over the past year, voting, looking for leaders, “Drones & Bombs,” how episodes are named, Monsanto goes to the Supreme Court, crime and punishment for sexual offenses versus murder, Houston officer who received life for raping a woman he arrested, Jerry Sandusky gets 30 to 60 years in prison, Kyle XY, and tracking Texas students via their IDs.

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Segment 1


  • Heit & Cheri discuss their one-year anniversary. It was one year ago tomorrow, on October 11, 2011, that The Axiom Amnesia Theory debuted.
  • Discussion about what The Axiom Amnesia Theory is like one year later.
  • Cheri discusses that it is an accomplishment to have done the show weekly, on time, and NEVER late for an entire year.
  • In the beginning, Heit & Cheri used to create very detailed notes, and do a lot of preparation that cost them more time too. Over time, that became unnecessary.
  • Heit does a reenactment of how he spoke on Episode 001: The Axiom Amnesia Theory. He was talking really slow!
  • Cheri discusses the importance of timing as she and Heit learned how to dialogue with one another. Heit mentioned that he just talks over Cheri now so he can get a word in.
  • Heit has only eaten during the show about five times out of the 59 shows. On one particular episode, he ate an entire meal!
  • Heit & Cheri try to see how many of the show titles they can remember. Heit can remember a few, but Cheri isn’t very good at this game. She was able to rattle off a few more recent shows after getting the hang of the game.
  • After Cheri thinks of a few more show names, Heit thinks she might be cheating and looking at her computer screen. He checks to make sure she’s playing fairly.
  • The Axiom Amnesia Theory show names are often plays on words and/or double entendres. On occasion, people have an issue with show titles, and are not satisfied when we explain our naming conventions.
  • Do people ask Heit & Cheri things about the show? Yes, they ask Heit technical questions. Cheri usually gets questions that have nothing to do with the actual show.
  • Discussion about all of the people who have reached out regarding the Trayvon Martin case. Many of them want a one-on-one discussion with Heit & Cheri in order to share theories about the case. Unfortunately, time doesn’t permit for such discussions.
  • Some of the topics we haven’t completely explored are voting and history. We’ll tackle voting in a couple of weeks, just in time for the presidential election in November.
  • Discussion about people looking for leaders, and the psychology behind it. People seem to be in search of others to lead them and tell them what to do. There are a number of reasons why this occurs.
  • Can we actually create leaders, or is this quality something that people have to develop?
  • Discussion about the Houston police officer who raped a woman after arresting her and received life in prison. This is a much more harsh sentence than for murder. Why don’t they get life when they murder someone in their custody?
  • Discussion about the Bengals cheerleader and teacher who didn’t reveive any time in jail for having sex with a student.
  • Yesterday Jerry Sandusky was sentenced to 30 to 60 years for child sex abuse.
  • Discussion about San Antonio school tracking students via GPS in their ID. Some parents are outraged, while others support the policy. This could affect up to 100,000 Texas students.
  • Discussion about the Supreme Court planning to hear the Monsanto case. This is probably designed so that people can stop challenging the company about their oppressive food policies. Once the Supreme Court comes out in support of Monsanto, people’s fussing could very well be a moot point.
  • Discussion about the show Kyle XY, and how it seems like he has special powers, when he is really just using more of his brain’s capacity. Imagine what if we all could do this.
  • Be sure to get the album, “Improper Conduct,” from Bandcamp.com.
  • Heit is a man of action, so he doesn’t say he is going to do something, he simply does it. Such was the case with the song “Drones & Bombs (Bulldozing Babies), from Heit & Cheri’s album.
  • Heit & Cheri discuss the song “Drones & Bombs,” which talks about the innocent people who are killed by drone strikes and other “peacekeeping” implements.
  • Heit & Cheri discuss how “Drones & Bombs was created. Cheri sang the melody, then Heit composed music around the original melody.
  • Discussion about what constitutes songwriting. Examples include Beyonce receiving writing credits for making modifications to one of Ne-yo’s songs.
  • Discussion about programming and saying the alphabet backward. Why is this so difficult?
  • Discussion about the human brain. How do they know we only use 10 percent of our brains?
  • Discussion about the axiom that the planets revolve around the sun. Heit explains a theory that said that the planets are actually following the sun, not simply revolving around it.
  • Discussion about “They Always Get Away,” and that it was the first time Cheri had ever written a song.
  • Discussion about Barack Obama’s ad, and the use of Big Bird in it. Not only was the commercial a real fail, but it is an insult to the viewers’ intelligence.
  • Discussion about Allen West’s commercial that calls out his opponent for having been arrested for fighting in a club.
  • West’s ad was a dirty ad, but it works because of the criminalization of his opponent.
  • The real criminals have never been arrested.
  • West’s commercial was also very high tech.
  • Discussion about the news presenting commentary as objective news and people not knowing the difference.
  • Discussion about the journalist who claims she was bullied because a viewer wrote in and called her fat. In return, she labeled him as a bully because she was upset by his comments.
  • Discussion about the bullying phenomenon. People bought this story because the notion of bullying has lots of captive audiences. The media has really pushed anti-bullying campaigns.
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Audio Credits:

“Drones & Bombs (Bulldozing Babies)” – Heit & Cheri
“Big Bird Ad” – Barack Obama
“Allen West Commercial” – Allen West