We always hear the phrase”conspiracy theory” bandied about whenever a discussion about government lies and other actions ensues. What we know, however, is that many of the claims are not “theories”, but proven fact. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri discuss conspiracy factoids via an examination of a variety of current events.

Topics discussed include language, the notion of “do something”, the importance of preparation before execution of action, world’s first stem cell burger, putting salt on fruits, Vitamin Water commercial with would-be panhandler, the government’s recent al Qaeda alerts, how the government always claims information is classified whenever they are asked to prove their claims, prosecution of government whistleblowers, US’s fight to maintain world domination, Americans not knowing how to live off of the land, and more!

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  • Discussion about language.
  • Discussion about the notion of “do something”.
  • Discussion about the quote, “If I was given six hours to chop down a tree, I would spend five hours sharpening the axe.”
  • Discussion about the hamburger that was grown in a petri dish.

    The world’s first stem cell burger was cooked and eaten in London today.
    The brainchild of Maastricht University’s Mark Post, the burger was made of 20,000 small strands of meat grown from a cow’s muscle cells and took three months to create.

    Breadcrumbs and some egg powder were added to the cultured beef to make it taste like a normal beef burger. To give it a beefy color, red beet juice and saffron were added. Chef Richard McGeown fried the stem cell burger with sunflower oil and butter and remarked that it looked slightly paler than a traditional burger.

    Two volunteers got to taste the five ounce (142g) burger, which was presented on a plate with a bun, salad and some tomato slices.

    After having the first bite and chewing thoughtfully many times, Hanni Rutzler, an Austrian food trends researcher, said: “I expected the texture to be more soft — it’s not that juicy. It’s close to meat but it misses salt and pepper.”
    Source: CNN

  • Discussion about putting salt on fruits like watermelon and plums.
  • Discussion about the video of a man who goes on a train posing as a panhandler. Instead of begging for money, he begs for accolades because his life is so great. this wasn’t funny at all, yet it went viral supposedly. Of course, if he had been a real beggar he would have been rejected by these same people.
  • The video actually seems like a fake. It was a Vitamin Water commercial.
  • Discussion about the recent Al Qaeda alert that the government has given. Supposedly, people broke out of prison in various countries. The government says they have information (because they’ve been spying on people around the world) that there is a threat from Al Qaeda.
  • Discussion about how the government always claims information is classified whenever they are asked to prove their claims.
  • Discussion about how the FBI killed one of the friends of the Boston bombers during questioning.
  • Discussion about how Snowden and Manning leaked information about the government’s bad deeds.
  • Discussion about how the government is closing embassies and taken other actions to bolster their claims that al Qaeda is planning an attack on the US.
  • Discussion about Julian Assange said that back in Nazi Germany nobody believed they were heading in the direction where they were going.
  • Discussion about how when 9/11 occurred people would never have imagined that over a decade later the US would still be involved in related “wars.”
  • Discussion about how the US wants to maintain “ownership” and control of the Internet. This is yet another tool to maintain the advantage.
  • Discussion about the increased invasions of privacy since 9/11. After the attacks, people were willing to give up anything to maintain the feeling of “safety.”
  • George W. Bush was like the”bad” cop, and Barack Obama is presented as the “good” cop, yet Obama has done far worse. Go figure!
  • Discussion about how the only person who was prosecuted for US torture was one of the whistleblowers–nobody else.
  • Discussion about whether Edward Snowden is a smart individual or whether he is part of a broader individual.
  • Snowden should have made his arrangements for asylum ahead of time.
  • Discussion about how Americans in Russia are reaching out to Snowden. He probably shouldn’t trust them.
  • Discussion about the pressures that Russia could be putting on Snowden.
  • Discussion about how America is changing–the fall has begun. Look at where all the works and jobs are going.
  • Right now we see America willing to do anything to maintain status as a world power. They cannot maintain their power with people being truly free. What we have is the illusion of choice and freedom.
  • Discussion about how Americans don’t know how to live off of the land. We only know how to take care of ourselves within the context of this system–basically paying money to be spoonfed.
  • Discussion about a clip from Arrested Development’s song, “Mr. Wendell.”

    His only worries are sickness and occasional harassment
    By the police and their chase
    Uncivilized we call him but I just saw him
    Eat off the food we waste

    Civilization, are we really civilized?
    Yes or no, who are we to judge
    When thousands of innocent man could be brutally enslaved
    And killed over a racist grudge

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