Are YOU that somebody? Well when it comes to the Ferguson Police, if you’re a young Black male, then the answer is probably “yes”. On the other hand, if you’re talking about the actors cast in the newly released Aaliyah biopic, the answer is a resounding “NO!” On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri provide you with an update on the state of emergency declared in Ferguson and the fallout over the Aaliyah movie.

Topics discussed include the latest on the state of emergency called in Ferguson while waiting for the grand jury verdict on the Michael Brown case, the travesty that was the Aaliyah biopic, and more!

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  • Discussion abotu the Governor Nixon of Missouri calling a state of emergency as they await the Michael Brown verdict:

    Ahead of a grand jury’s decision on whether to indict a police officer in the killing of Michael Brown, Missouri has both called in the National Guard and diminished the role of the Ferguson Police Department.

    Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency Monday as a precaution, he said, in the event of unrest or violence.
    It’s unknown when the grand jury will hand down a decision on whether to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for his fatal shooting of Brown, a teen. Prosecutors have suggested the grand jury would be done deliberating in mid- to late November.

    Working off that time line, Nixon said, he signed the executive order because of the “possibility of expanded unrest.”
    He said that people have the right to protest peacefully but that citizens and businesses must be protected from violence and damage.
    Source: CNN

  • Discussion about the protesters in Ferguson who have continued to protest daily.
  • Heit & Cheri agree that the grand jury will not indict Officer Wilson and that the change of Attorneys General will have no effect on the Federal case.
  • Discussion about the power that the advisers have in influencing the people in power.
  • Discussion about the video of Darren Wilson that has surfaced for arresting someone for filming.

    Darren Wilson has shied away from public view since Aug. 9, when he shot and killed Michael Brown in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. Brown, 18, was walking in the street with his friend Dorian Johnson, police and Johnson said, when Wilson approached the pair and ordered them out of the street. An altercation ensued, and Wilson shot Brown six times.

    More than three months later, the exact details of what happened are still not entirely clear. That lack of clarity is one reason why protesters have staged demonstrations in Ferguson continually since Brown was killed. A grand jury decision whether to indict Wilson is expected soon.

    Wilson, who police say has been on the receiving end of multiple death threats in the immediate aftermath of Brown’s death, has retreated from the public eye since the shooting. He is on paid administrative leave from the Ferguson police department, police said.
    Source: Newsweek

  • Discussion about the legality of recording the police.
  • The police basically do whatever they want to do–regardless of whether you have done anything or not. They have the authority because they have the gun.
  • Discussion about whether we should be calling the police for “help”
  • Why are the police called for cases involving mental health issues? Why don’t they call medical personnel. We have seen so many people killed by police who had mental issues.
  • Discussion about how the police department defends cops’ actions–with all of their resources. Yet, when a regular person does something, it’s them against the system.
  • aaliyah move 1

  • Discussion about the failure that is the Aaliyah Biopic.
  • The casting was horrible!
  • Missy Elliott’s role was played by someone who looked nothing like her. These actors didn’t have any of the mannerisms of the real life people.
  • Discussion about how off the mark the Dame Dash actor was.
  • Did these actors even audition?
  • Discussion about the actress who was originally set to play Aaliyah being replaced because she wasn’t Black.
  • missy

  • Why was the Aaliyah movie a made for TV movie instead of a real movie like Selena?
  • The movie was so disrespectful. There were no original songs by Aaliyah. And some of the music was autotuned!
  • Discussion about the #LifetimeBeLike hashtag:

  • Discussion about Timbaland’s disgust over the movie:
  • Further discussion on the many ways this project failed.
  • Tina Turner, James Brown, Selena, and TLC all had pretty good Biopoics.
  • Discussion about the upcoming Lifetime Movie about Whitney Houston:
  • Heit is waiting for the Master P movie…

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