Since its inception, Hip Hop music has been on trial–first to prove itself as a real music genre, then in defense of its lyrics. This issue is most recently highlighted in the case of Brandon “Tiny Doo” Duncan, who faces 25 years to life solely on the basis of his rap lyrics, nothing more. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri are joined by Dr. Dullah and Attorney Brian Watkins to discuss the attacks on Hip Hop and the details of Duncan’s case.

Topics include defining Hip Hop versus rap, art reflecting life, storytellers of Hip Hop, free expression, timeline of cases attacking rap lyrics, details of Tiny Doo’s case via interview with Attorney Brian Watkins, and more!

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Hip-Hop Under Fire: A Video Timeline Of Controversies Over Rappers And Their Rhymes
California rapper faces long prison sentence over lyrics

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