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Axiom Amnesia is an independent, non-partisan news source that provides thought-provoking commentary on social, political, and philosophical principles. We analyze today’s news and popular beliefs, dispelling myths, dogma, and superstition, which are the causes of most social ills and suffering around the world. Our analyses and commentaries appear in blog articles on the site and via our weekly podcast, The Axiom Amnesia Theory.


Our team researches and writes each of the original articles on our site. We don’t simply report the news, but we infuse it with alternative perspectives  in the context of both current and previous events, in an attempt to help the reader understand its significance. These writings reflect the author’s fact-based opinions and theories on topics ranging from current events to the economy, history, philosophy, politics & war, and social issues.

The Axiom Amnesia Theory

The Axiom Amnesia Theory podcast, launched in October 2011 and hosted by Heit and Cheri, is a weekly discussion in which the duo hosts discussion on a variety of subjects for the purpose of advancing the conversation about what’s going on in the world around us. The show has a relaxed, conversational tone, as opposed to the typical “talking head” pundits prevalent in news discussions. Consequently, it is entertaining, informative and appropriate for adults, regardless of knowledge level concerning political, social or philosophical principles.


Axiom Amnesia was founded by Heit on November 3rd, 2010 to present the world in a different perspective — one that departed from traditional news coverage, by combining elements of news reporting, commentary, philosophical thought and critical thinking to challenge the reader to look beyond the obvious presentation of facts and opinions.

Heit remained the sole contributor to Axiom Amnesia until Cheri joined in 2011. Currently, they both serve as writer/editor on the site and co-host of The Axiom Amnesia Theory podcast.


Please contact us with questions, comments or feedback about the site or podcast.

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In The News

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