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Album: Improper Conduct

Heit & Cheri - Improper ConductHeit & Cheri – Improper Conduct:
Album Debuts October 11, 2012

First Single “Get Up” available on on October 6th

DALLAS, TX, OCTOBER 1, 2012 – Heit & Cheri, will release their debut album, “Improper Conduct,” on October 11, 2012. They will debut the first single, “Get Up,” on the October 3rd episode of their podcast, The Axiom Amnesia Theory. The first single will be available on and radio on October 6th. The rest of the album will be available on, iTunes, and other places where music is sold online (see full list at

“We need to see a change in the social and political systems of the world. Improper Conduct is the only way for there to be any significant change, because being ‘proper’ implies adherence to the status quo, which leaves things unchanged. Making the album the way we did it, it’s clear that it’s not something that you’ve heard before. It’ll be new to your ears, and we’re looking forward to giving our listeners a view of the world from our perspective. Even the fashioning of its release and marketing is nontraditional—improper—in terms of the music business. Ultimately, we want to take the listeners on a journey with us, and in the end, challenge them to step away from the collective thought of the masses and assert themselves as thinking individuals.” – Heit & Cheri

Improper Conduct is an album of original songs, written and performed by Heit & Cheri. It features tracks mostly produced by Heit The Great, with two tracks produced by Ay B.

The album includes a combination of rap and singing. It was influenced by many different genres, including blues, soul, R&B, hip hop, techno, and electronica.

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About Heit & Cheri

Heit The Great is a producer/rapper/songwriter, with close to two decades of experience creating music. Cheri is a singer/songwriter who has always enjoyed experiencing music in one form or another. Together, Heit & Cheri found their musical collaboration a natural extension of their lives. Prior to their musical collaboration, providing social and political commentary via their website and podcast, and The Axiom Amnesia Theory, was the primary way that they amplified their message of social consciousness. Elements of New Orleans Bounce, 1980’s Pop/Freestyle, Blues, Trance & Techno can be detected throughout the fusion of sounds that comprise Heit’s production, giving the music a very unique quality. Couple that with vocal arrangements by Cheri, reminiscent of Broadway Show Tunes, Classic R&B and Soul, and you have a well-seasoned gumbo, suitable to satisfy any musical appetite of the past, present, and even the future. Heit & Cheri incorporate many of the ideas and principles discussed on their website and podcast into their music, hoping to share their message with new audiences.

Heit began honing his music creation skills by producing, recording, and mixing entire compositions using only Windows 95’s Sound Recorder. Originally named Fahrenheit 212 (later Fahrenheit aka Aristotle), he lunged into the music industry in the late 1990’s by selling slowed & chopped mixtapes made by him in his hometown of Lake Charles, LA. From 1999-2003, with over 50 titles, Heit sold tens of thousands of mixtapes on his Hot Water Entertainment imprint. His music began to exhibit more maturity and a unique sound spawned that cannot be specifically tied to any region of Hip Hop. His experiences in the United States Marine Corp gave him the opportunity to explore different musical genres. Most importantly, serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom made Heit more aware of the social and political issues facing the world and its people.

Cheri’s love of music and singing began as a child in College Station, TX, and continued to grow when her family moved to Chicago. She spent years singing along with her favorite vocalists—people like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Cheri had a natural affinity to singing karaoke covers of her favorite songs from a variety of musical genres—R&B, Broadway Show Tunes, Soul, and Country. Cheri has been a writer for most of her life. But as an adult disillusioned with corporate life, she decided to step out on her own and speak to the social and political issues facing the world. As a citizen journalist, Cheri found her niche writing and hosting podcasts about the issues she finds most important.

Founded November 3rd, 2010 by Heit, with Cheri joining him a few months later, Axiom Amnesia was a natural outgrowth of both of their desire to present the world from a different perspective—one that departed from traditional news coverage, by combining elements of news reporting, commentary, philosophical thought and critical thinking to challenge the reader to look beyond the obvious presentation of facts and opinions. Heit & Cheri took their message a step further by launching their podcast, The Axiom Amnesia Theory on October 11, 2011. Their debut album, “Improper Conduct,” was released on their one-year anniversary, October 11, 2012.

Both being socio-politically conscious artists, Heit is the embodiment of a poverty-stricken honor student and battle-hardened warrior, and Cheri is the quintessential intellectual dreamer and life scholar. Life has molded Heit into a marvelous manipulator of words, as well as a producer of music with his own niche. His proficiency at providing glimpses into what the future looks like, while simultaneously creating vivid images though lyricism and production is unmatched. Cheri’s ability to blend musical genres into broad range of vocal stylings further enhances Heit’s signature sound. Heit & Cheri are the perfect blend of artistic presence, uncommon beats and melodies, vocal ability, and production of passionate musical commentaries on heartfelt and relatable topics.

Based in Dallas, TX, Heit & Cheri plan to continue writing, rapping, singing, and producing artistry that challenges people to forget about the axioms–those long-held beliefs about the world that they haven’t fully examined.

Song Listing

Improper Conduct includes 14 songs:
1.  World Of Music (Cooperative Lovers)
2.  Foundation
3.  Not Human
4.  Human Resources
5.  Screwed
6.  Can You See?
7.  No Vision
8.  Drones & Bombs (Bulldozing Babies)
9.  Non-Violence
10.  Deprogram Me
11.  Get Out The Vote
12.  Fast World
13.  Life
14.  Get Up

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