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Re: A Message from Heit & Cheri

Independent Thinker,

We, Heit & Cheri, thank you for practicing Axiom Amnesia. Continuing to bring you insightful commentaries and analyses on the social and political issues of the day is our goal. We advocate thinking for yourself, and cannot underscore how important it is to continue to have alternative voices to the mainstream news and media sources, as well as dominant ideas that pervade the social consciousness. One of our many goals is to continue to challenge you to think beyond what you have been taught or told to believe about the world around us.

The one-man one-woman show that is Axiom Amnesia

We spend a tremendous amount of time on a volunteer basis to provide news, commentary, analysis, and other important information the way it should be–free of charge to anyone who is willing to read, listen, watch, and learn. In order to continue to provide this wealth of information, we put a significant amount of time, effort, and our own money into producing quality content on the podcast, website, and beyond. We manage everything in-house, including writing and editing, graphic design, video production, sound engineering, web design and development, and everything else you read, view, and hear from us on Axiom Amnesia. That’s right! We manage to do it all, just the two of us!

We need your help!

In addition to our efforts, we need the support of generous listeners and viewers like you, so that we can continue to grow, provide an even broader variety of content, and challenge even more people to exercise independent thinking.

“To influence the direction or to put out a fire, one must become wind or water.”

Think of the oppressive societal structure under which we live as the destructive fire that must be put out. Remaining a part of this destructive force does not change or eradicate the force. It’s like trying to stop or change the direction of a fire by being a flame. The flame is part of the fire, acting in cohesion with the fire, directed by and at the mercy of the overall tendency of the other flames–the fire as a whole. To influence the direction or to put this fire out, one must become the wind or water.

Help to extinguish the blaze by spreading independent thinking and donate today!


Heit & Cheri

P.S. Even if you can only make a one-time donation of as little as $1, we gladly welcome that!

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