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The following is a list of all of the witnesses that have appeared to testify in the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case. Click on the name of the witness for video of their testimony and other related case documents.


June 24 STATE WITNESSES The people listed below are the witnesses called by the State of Florida Prosecution Team in order of appearance.
1 June 24 Chad Joseph Brandy Green’s son who was home with Trayvon that day.
2 June 24 Andrew Gaugh Worked at the 7-Eleven where Trayvon went before he was killed
3 June 24 Sean Noffke Emergency operator who took Zimmerman’s call reporting Trayvon.
4 June 24–26 Ramona Rumph Seminole Co. Sheriff’s Office Communications Director verified call data.
5 June 25 Wendy Dorival Sanford Police, helped Zimmerman set up neighborhood watch program.
6 June 25 Donald O’Brien Retreat at Twin Lakes HOA President (originally Witness #21)
7 June 25 Sgt. Anthony Raimondo Second Sanford Police officer on scene.
8 June 25 Diana Smith Sanford Police Crime Scene Technician
9 June 25 Selene Bahadoor Eyewitness (originally Witness #1)
10 June 26 Jeannee Manalo Neighbor, heard struggle, shooting
11 June 26 Jayne Syrdyka Eyewitness (originally Witness #18)
12 June 26–27 Rachel Jeantel Trayvon’s female friend who was on the phone with him before shooting (originally Witness #8)
13 June 27 Raymond MacDonald T-Mobile manager validated Trayvon’s phone records.
14 June 27 Jenna Lauer Eyewitness (originally Witness #11)
15 June 27 Selma Mora Eyewitness (originally Witness #16), testified in Spanish.
16 June 28 Greg McKinney United Security Alliance rep, the company that managed the video surveillance cameras at the Retreat at twin Lakes community.
17 June 28 Jonathan Good Eyewitness (Originally Witness #6), saw “MMA-style” fight.
18  June 28 Jonathan Manalo Eyewitness (Originally Witness #13), took photos.
19 June 28 Ricardo Ayala Sanford Police officer, 2nd on scene, provided CPR.
20 June 28 Stacey Livingston Sanford Fire Dept., EMT treated Zimmerman on scene.
21 June 28 Timothy Smith First Sanford Police officer on scene, took Zimmerman into custody.
22 June 28 Lindzee Folgate Physician assistant, treated Zimmerman’s injuries day after shooting.
23 July 1 Hirotaka Naksone Senior scientist with the FBI in speaker recognition systems
24 July 1 Doris Singleton Detective assisting with interrogation of Zimmerman and investigating shooting.
25 July 1-2 Chris Serino Lead detective in charge of interrogating Zimmerman and investigating shooting.
26 July 2 Mark Osterman Zimmerman’s best friend
27 July 2 Dr. Valerie Rao Chief Medical Examiner
28 July 2 Kristin Benson Seminole County Latent Print Examiner
29 July 3 Sonja Boles-Melvin Seminole State College Registrar
30 July 3 Lt. Scot Kearns Prince Williams County Virginia Police records officer verified Zimmerman turned down for police officer position.
31 July 3 Cpt. Alexis Carter Zimmerman’s Criminal Litigation teacher
32 July 3 Jim Krzenski Verified Zimmerman’s application to fo on ride-a-long with Sanford Police
33 July 3 Gordon Pleasants Taught George Zimmerman in an online Criminal Investigations course
34 July 3 Amy Siewert FDLE Crime Lab Firearms Analyst
35 July 3 Anthony Gorgone FDLE Crime Lab DNA Analyst
36 July 5 Sybrina Fulton Trayvon Martin’s mother
37 July 5 Jahvaris Fulton Trayvon Martin’s brother
38 July 5 Dr. Shiping Bao Seminole County Associate Medical Examiner who performed Trayvon’s autopsy
July 5 DEFENSE WITNESSES The people listed below are the wintesses called by the the Zimmerman Defense Team in order of appearance.
1 July 5 Gladys Zimmerman George Zimmerman’s mother
2 July 5 Jorge Mesa George Zimmerman’s uncle
3 July 8 Sondra Osterman Wife of best Friend of Zimmerman
4 July 8 Mark Osterman Zimmerman’s best friend
5 July 8 Geri Russo Ex-coworker and friend of Zimmerman.
6 July 8 Leann Benjamin Wife of John Donnelly and friend of Zimmerman
7 July 8 John Donnelly Friend who donated $4,700 to Zimmerman
8 July 8 Doris Singleton Detective who worked the investigation.
9 July 8 Chris Serino Lead Detective in the investigation.
10 July 8 Adam Pollack Owner of gym where Zimmerman took MMA classes.
11 July 8 Tracy Martin Trayvon Martin’s father
12 July 8 Bill Lee Former Police Chief of Sanford, Florida
13 July 9 Dr. Vincent J.M. Di Maio Forensic pathologist hired by Defense.
14 July 9 Norton Bonaparte Jr. City of Sanford City Manager
15 July 9 Eloise Dilligard Zimmerman’s Black neighbor who was at the scene after the incident.
16 July 10 Dennis Root Law Enforcement “Use of Force” expert
17 July 10 Olivia Bertalan Zimmerman’s neighbor who was the victim of a home invasion
18 July 10 Robert Zimmerman Sr. George Zimmerman’s father
N/A MISC. WITNESSES The people listed below are the witnesses called under special circumstances, and may not have testified in front of the jury.
A July 9 Richard Connor Computer forensics expert who extracted text messages from Trayvon’s cell phone.
B July 9 Daniel Shoemaker Created the computer animation re-enactment that wasn’t allowed to be presented to the jury.
C July 10 Adam Pollack Previously testified as a Defense witness, but called back as State rebuttal witness.

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