Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman Trial Archives [Video]

martin family in court On this page, you’ll find a an archive of the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman hearing dates. Clicking on any of the dates below will take you to a page where you can view an article and watch the archived video of that date’s court activities.

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Week 5:
7/12/2013 <= Day 24 - Witnesses: 7/11/2013 <= Day 23 - Witnesses: 7/10/2013 <= Day 22 - Witnesses: 7/9/2013 <= Day 21 - Witnesses: 7/8/2013 <= Day 20 - Witnesses: Week 4:
7/5/2013 <= Day 19 - Prosecution rests case, Judgement of Acquittal arguments, and Witnesses: Sybrina Fulton, Jahvaris Fulton, Dr. Shiping Bao, Gladys Zimmerman, Jorge Mesa

7/3/2013 <= Day 18 - Witnesses: Sonja Boles-Melvin, Lt. Scott Kearns, Capt. Alexis Carter, Jim Krzenski, Gordon Pleasants, Amy Siewert, Anthony Gorgone

7/2/2013 <= Day 17 - Witnesses: Det. Chris Serino, Mark Osterman, Dr. Valerie Rao, Kristin Benson

7/1/2013 <= Day 16 - Witnesses: Hirotaka Naksone, Det. Doris Singleton, Det. Chris Serino

Week 3:
6/28/2013 <= Day 15 Witnesses: Greg McKinney, Jonathan Good, Jonathan Manalo, Ricardo Ayala, Stacey Livingston, Timothy Smith, Lindzee Folgate

6/27/2013 <= Day 14 Witnesses: Rachel “Dee Dee” Jeantel, Raymond MacDonald, Jennifer Lauer, Selma Mora

6/26/2013 <= Day 13 Witnesses: Jayne Surdyka, Jeannee Manalo, Ramona Rumph, Rachel “Dee Dee” Jeantel

6/25/2013 <= Day 12 Witnesses: Wendy Dorival, Donald O’Brien, Sgt. Anthony Raimondo, Diana Smith, Selene Bahadoor, Ramona Rumph

6/24/2013 <= Day 11 Opening Statements & Witnesses: Chad Joseph, Andrew Gaugh, Sean Noffke, Ramona Rumph

Jury Selection

Week 2:
6/21/2013 <= Trial Day 10 - Frye Hearing / Pre-Trial Motions 10 6/20/2013 <= Day 9: O'Mara (Defense) questions 40 jurors, Final Jury Chosen: B-29, B-76, B-37, B-51, E-6, and E-40 Alt: E-54, B-72, E-13, and E-28, and Frye Hearing 9-1-1 Call Voice Experts
6/19/2013 <= Jury Selection Day 8: Bernie de la Rionda (State) questions remaining 40 jurors 6/18/2013 <= Jury Selection Day 7: H-81, H-69, H-86, I-5, I-14, I-19, I-24, I-33, and I-44 - narrowed to 40, and Frye Hearing 9-1-1 Call Voice Experts
6/17/2013 <= Jury Selection Day 6: H-7, H-10, H-13, H-18, H-27, H-29, H-31, and H-35 Week 1:
6/14/2013 <= Jury Selection Day 5: G-29, G-47, G-63, G-66, G-81, G-87, and H-6 6/13/2012 <= Jury Selection Day 4: E-50, E-75, E-81, K-80, K-95, N-18, B-37, B-67, P-67, G-14, & B-65 6/12/2013 <= Jury Selection Day 3: E-73, M-75, R-39, B-61, B-72, E-22, B-87, E-7, E-13, and E-28 6/11/2013 <= Jury Selection Day 2: B-7, B-35, B-37, B-51, B-55, B-65, B-86, E-6, E-40, and E-54 6/10/2013 <= Pre-trial Hearings / Jury Selection Day 1: B-12,B- 29, B-30, and B-76

Pre-Trial Hearings / Press


5/1/2012 <= Bill Lee Steps Down As Sanford Police Chief 4/27/2012 <= O'Mara Reveals Zimmerman Raised $200K From Website 4/23/2012 <= Zimmerman Bonds Out Of Seminole County Jail 4/20/2012 <= 1st Bond Hearing $150K Bond & Zimmerman Apologizes To Trayvon's Parents 4/12/2012 <= Zimmerman's First Appearance In Court After Charges 4/11/2012 <= Angela Corey Announces Zimmerman Charged With 2nd-Degree Murder

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